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Ryan Reviews #2: Samurai Jack by StarlightGGiantess5 Ryan Reviews #2: Samurai Jack by StarlightGGiantess5
So, people actually love my "Ryan Review" show idea. I think I'm going to continue it then. :D
And I figured the next best show to do next is a show that is returning soon. And that would be Samurai Jack. It is coming back next month to Adult Swim on March 11th (The same day as the Kids Choice Awards for some reason, but whatever.)
Let me say it right now: I am not here to talk about the season 5 that is coming out soon. I am here to talk about the original Samurai Jack that aired on Cartoon Network from August 10th, 2001 to September 25th, 2004.

Premise: The show is about a warrior prince named Samurai Jack, who was from Feudal Japan. His father the Emperor at one time acquired a magical katana (sword) that was created to vanquish all evil. The main purpose of the katana was to defeat an evil spirit demon named "Aku." There was a foresight that Aku would one day return and rule all of the land. So the Emperor sent the Prince around the world so that the Prince can train to defeat Aku when he returned home. After several years and when the Prince became an adult, he then challenged Aku back at his home. An epic battle emerges. The Prince (Jack) had an epic battle with Aku. The prince seemed to be winning until the last second, when Aku tricked him. Aku released a time portal from his mouth that sent the Prince thousands of  years into the future. Aku does this so that he can become more powerful than the Samurai in that time. And it works for Aku. The Samurai gets to the future. Some people that meet him like to call him "Jack." It's never stated if that was the Samurai's actual name, but that is what he is referred to by everyone in the future. He didn't come up with the name himself. Which is fine honestly and the Prince refers to himself as Jack throughout the rest of the series.
So, the future. It uh…it's not a happy place. Aku has become powerful enough to pretty much be in charge of almost everything. He is basically the dictator of the future. He has created various armies as well. Including a bug robot army that Jack fights in his first episode. The first episode is 3 parts technically. Part 1 is "The Beginning," when the whole thing basically all starts. Part 2 is "The Samurai called Jack," where he meets locals that call him Jack and he goes up against Archeological Dogs. Part 3 is "The First Fight," where Jack goes against beetle drones. Throughout the rest of the episodes, Jack is constantly trying to find a way to go "Back to the past" to refight Aku and to prevent this terrible future from ever happening. Aku has other types of robots as well. We even get an intro for after this as well:…

So the episodes. Besides the first three that I mentioned,  there are other various types of episodes throughout all 4 seasons (Once again, ignoring the 5th here.) In season 1, there's an episode called "Jack, the Woolies and the Chritchellites" which aired on my birthday August 13th, 2001. (I turned 5 that day.) And in that episode, Jack frees the Woolies from the Chritchellites. Another episode, Jack actually makes it into space in "Jack in Space." In "Jack vs Mad Jack," Jack goes against an evil clone of himself created by Aku. In another Samurai Jack season 1 episode, "Jack and the Lava Monster" Jack goes against some lava challenges created by Aku and in the end goes against a very powerful lava monster. The lava monster was cursed by Aku and his original goal was to reach Valhalla, which is essentially where the greatest warriors of all time go to. Jack must beat him so that the Lava monster warrior can be set free. This is the episode where I can basically say "Your typical Samurai Jack episode" or "What to expect from Samurai Jack." In another episode, Jack meets a Scotsman in an episode aptly named "Jack and the Scotsman." The Scotsman is an interesting warrior. His first appearance is meeting Jack on a rickety bridge in a dense morning fog with him playing the bagpipes. Their first encounter involves him and Jack to fight against each other because the bridge was too narrow for both to pass by. Only one at a time could. So after they did some battling, they fell into a river and it turns out both were hunted by bounty hunters. So they team up to stop the bounty hunters. In another episode "Aku's Fairy Tales," Aku tells 3 fairy tales to scare the children because the kids were happy that a warrior has risen to try to stop Aku. It's kind of like MLP's "Slice of Life" episode because both are silly and they are unusual from the normal set of episodes. =p
In season 2 "Jack learns to Jump good," Jack learns how to jump extremely high from a peaceful tribe. In another episode "Jack Remembers the Past," which is my favorite Samurai Jack episode (that or Jack and the Lava Monster.) Jack visits his hometown in the future. Which is not a town anymore but a barren wasteland. All the buildings have fallen. No one is here. Just a few stones and grass is all that remain. Jack gets flashbacks of his past in the days when he was just a prince. He dealt with his old friends and a bully or two. He even met a girl that he enjoyed playing with in the meadows. All destroyed now due to Aku's atrocities. Another episode "Jack and the Farting Dragon" has Jack saving a village from a Dragon's dangerous and poisonous smoke. The dragon actually wasn't doing it on purpose. It's because the dragon had a bad digestive system. There was an egg inside him. Oh and the dragon can also talk. This is the episode that My Little Pony imitated (in a good way.) in their season 1 episode "Dragon Shy" where Fluttershy goes against a dragon that can talk and is causing smoke in ponyville that could stay there for up to a millennium and she is able to stop the dragon through understandable conversation and not violence. Jack even goes up against Aku's most powerful minion in "Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector." Demongo fights Jack powerfully, but Jack nearly defeats him. When Demongo asks Aku for a second chance: Aku says this:…
In another episode "Jack is Naked", Jack loses his clothes and becomes naked. So he has to go around avoiding exposing himself naked to others. At one point he even had to be in a play and to pretend he was a girl because he wore a ridiculous outfit.
At the beginning of season 3 "Chicken Jack," Jack gets turned into a chicken and has to do some chicken fights (Known as a "Cock fight.") In "Jack and the Zombies," Jack is in a cemetery going against zombies, and it's revealed that Aku can't use Jack's Katana to defeat Jack. Only Jack can use it because of its heritage and importance. In "Jack and the Haunted House," a little girl lives there with her family. But the family has been possessed by demons. Jack defeats the demons and the family becomes free and the girl is reunited with her loved ones again. We even have another episode explaining Aku's origins in "The Birth of Evil."
In season 4, we have an episode called "Jack vs Aku." In it, Jack and Aku agree to fight each other man to man with no weapons. After Aku cheats, Jack reveals that he had secretly prepared that Aku might cheat so he hid a bunch of weapons in the desert like area that they are in.

Affect on Real Life: Samurai Jack is one of the most beloved cartoons of not just the 2000's, but of all time. People are HYPED for it returning on Adult Swim for season 5. Don't know why it's not returning to Cartoon Network. But after how Cartoon Network has treated Teen Titans Go!, Powerpuff Girls, Regular Show and Galactic Kids Next Door, it's probably best that Samurai Jack goes to Adult Swim.

My Opinion on the show as a whole: Okay last time in my "My Little Pony" review, I didn't give it any criticism. Okay, if I did, it would be this: "It often pushed some characters into episodes that weren't needed in the episode (Twilight being there in season 1 just to learn the moral. Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps in Rainbow Falls to do a competition, even though those 2 were the LEAST qualified to do events and Derpy was only there for fan service and nothing else.) just to be there to use up space." Let's do one for Samurai Jack now because rocks. Well one problem that I had was when they cut some animation in some parts for "Minimalism." Minimalism is when you substitute your current art style for a cheaper one. Sometimes it worked in Samurai Jack, other times it didn't. Also, some episodes started off too slowly. I get that the slow walk is to build up tension, but I don't think it was needed at times. Okay, enough of the criticism, what do I think of Samurai Jack as a whole? Well I can safely say I love this cartoon and I am excited for a season 5. It is in my top 10 favorite cartoons of all time and it is my favorite cartoon of the 2000's.

Least favorite and favorites: I don't really have a least favorite character. But if I did, it's one of those Chritchellites for basically torturing the Woolies. And my favorite character is obviously Aku or Samurai Jack. If not those 2, then Aku's most powerful minion Demongo.  
For episodes, I was never fond of "Jack and the Creature." It's mostly a creature following Jack throughout the episode. Nothing much that I care about in the episode. As for my favorite, it's "Jack remembers the Past." For being heartbreaking and for telling a beautiful story.

Conclusion: Samurai Jack is basically the cartoon that made me want to watch cartoons. At one time it was my favorite cartoon. It was the first cartoon that I enjoyed that wasn't TV-Y rated like preschool shows or SpongeBob. And it's still enjoyable to this day. I look forward to how Genndy Tartakovsky ends Samurai Jack.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :D
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finalmaster24 Featured By Owner May 26, 2017
My most favourite character that isn't a main is The Scotsman.
SBcartoonguy Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
U know that spongebob was rated tv-y7
StarlightGGiantess5 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
In my area, like years ago, they actually aired it as TV-Y. Yes I am aware they changed it to TV-Y7 later, but it was broadcasted originally as TV-Y in my area. (Don't know about other areas.)
SBcartoonguy Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm currently marathoning this show right now
StarlightGGiantess5 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Oh cool! :D
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