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Starlight and Garfield by StarlightGGiantess5 Starlight and Garfield by StarlightGGiantess5
:iconstarlightcuteplz: Hey Garfield, want to wake up and celebrate the halfway point to my day in 6 months? :love:
Garfield: No. >:[
Me: Since today is February, Monday the 13th and is considered Garfield's worst day ever,: I'd thought that it would be fun to have Garfield do something. And with today being the halfway point to Starlight Glimmer Day, (And MY Birthday AND Bronycon! EEEEE! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: ) I'd thought it'd be fun for Starlight to meet Garfield in some sort of fashion. Also, anyone else think that Starlight would be AWESOME owning a cat like Rarity? Starlight and Garfield are together because rocks. =p And besides, Garfield acts surprised seeing Starlight so it is bound to happen.

By the way, in case you can't read the dialogue:
*Panel 1:*
Starlight: Hey Garfield, Wake up! It's the halfway point to Starlight Glimmer Day!
*Panel 2:*
 Garfield: I don't care what holiday comes up when! It's February, Monday the 13th. THE WORST DAY EVER! Horrible AND Strange things happen usually on this day! I'm going to stay in my warm and cozy bed until Valentine's day so that way I can have good luck again! So DON'T BOTHER ME! FFFFFT!
*Panel 3:*
Starlight: Okay Mr. Grumpy Cat/ I'll let you sleep in a little longer. Then I can tell you more about my holiday 6 months from now.
Garfield: You know it's Monday when you wake up, and for some reason, there's a magical talking unicorn that is talking to you.
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