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I'd make a recording on this but right now I am not just in the mood to record. (Otherwise I would record the 3rd Loud House episode review.) Anywho. One of BronyDanceParty's videos got taken down today. His Nightmare Night video. From over 3 years ago. It was up on YouTube for 3 and a half years with no issue. Then a random copyright company took down his video. (Apparently they are a record label company.) No clue if they actually own the rights or it's a fake claim. The people that have sung the original song are MictheMicrophone and WoodenToaster. I heard that WT did recently sign to a record label so maybe that's it? This just happened so there's no info that I can find yet. I only know that the claim was by ostereo limited.
What do I think of BDP's videos? I :love: them. They're probably the best OC videos you'll ever find on the internet. My first YouTube video was a Rainbow Factory comparison of his video with the SFM version. And if I never did that I probably wouldn't upload to YouTube and do stuff with it. Anywho, I just hope this gets resolved. Because copyright, Pegasus Device will never be completed even though I was looking forward to it.
And this all happens on his birthday. I wish him luck on future projects: :iconbronydanceparty:
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :'(
Here's his video on the issue:
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Copied from: :iconpowerpuffpony1:
There are some people who are getting too fake here in DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. Do let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are...Re-post this if you are a friend...Don't reply...Just copy and paste this on a new journal as "Fake Friends."
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out.
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A play version that is. And it is one of those professional ones that people do imagine when it comes to musicals not one of those cappy middle school or high school ones or GOD forbid elementary school ones.
It's better than the last one that I saw per say. I for get what it was actuslly called, but in THAT musical, there's a line in there that is literally said caller "Gilligan's Ghetto Idlsnd." Which is an accurate name for that musical. It's pretty much if u made Legends of Chamberlain Heights live action and replace blacks with Latinos.
Anywho, with this one, I didnt know much of it since I never saw the movie before. I talk about the musical because I have an interest or a soft spot for musicals. I don't have an interest to make any like I do to want to create a cartoon but it is fun to watch them unless they try to be ghetto and modern and have things like twerking and memes in them. Thought I have a question: is it "So long, farewell, avedajenge good night" or "So long farewell, avedajenge good day." ? I remember at least in the song it's good day but here they say good night so I don't know.
If anything that surprised me, it's that the lead nun was black. And I don't recall in the 30's or 40's (I'm too lazy to Google search what year the Sound of Music originally came out.) if other races were allowed in performances She did an AMAZING job here for the record.
Maybe I'm a little confused but how does it end? Here, they had them escape to Switzerland. Don't know if that's how it actually goes. Also, does the quote "As God as my witness" come from here? They didn't do it in our rendition.
Anywho, so yeah I've been watching musicals.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. ;)
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I'm getting tired of dealing with shit like this:

StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out.
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I'm going to record that LGBT rant I had in mind tomorrow when I am alone because I want to be able to concentrate with no distractions.
So let's go onto something that personally offends me more. Brian's a Bad Father.
I heard that Mr.Enter is going to review this piece of shit after 3 years of waiting. We were supposed to get it after G3 MLP Newborn Cooties but instead we got The Cramp Twins Spit Collector.
Now I'm going to give this its own review soon, but I want to get its main problem out of the way first. The plot with Dylan and Brian.
As for the other plot, it's not AS bad as the main one but it is still shit. The Brian plot is 10 times worse to me. Now this isn't the WORST Family Guy episode to me: Top 10 Worst Family Guy episodesTop 10 Worst Family Guy episodes
Fuck! It’s time to do this shitty list. I LOATHD doing this list for a long time now. Maybe more than any other list thus far. I’ve been wanting to do this for YEARS! And with season 15 coming next month, (Well I say Fuck you Fox or Foxzis! >:[) It’s time I get my personal top 10 worst out of the way.
Unlike my My Little Pony and Spongebob top 10 worst, those were just fun games and honestly, none of those episodes were really that bad. At best, they’re slow and boring. And at worst, Spike and Gary were treated like Meg Griffin.
But Family guy is MUCH MUCH WORSE! This is the hardest list that I have written so far. I need to choose the episodes correctly. None of the 2 previous shows that I mention ever piss me off. Mad maybe, but not piss off. Here, EVERY Family Guy episode mentioned FUCKING PISSES ME OFF! >:[ And there are still dishonorable mentions that piss me off too. I thought of doing a top 25 worst, since I’l
 And I still hate Brian more in episodes like Herpe The Love Sore and Wish it want it do it, but this is the episode that pisses me off the most.
So in this episode (I'm only talking main plot here.) Dylan who hasn't been seen or mentioned in the show 6 years when this episode aired back in 2014 is now coming to Quahog to be in a Disney Sitcom. Dylan even calls up Brian to try to get in touch with him. (The only good writing of Brian of this episode is the typewriter idea.) Of course Brian who he is decides to lie his way out to avoid Dylan. (It's cringey as fuck.) And he only gives in when he finds out that he will be on a TV show. This leads to Brian being able to write on a show of some sort that he always dreamed of doing. Now as a write myself when I write Giantess Jobs or Infinitiverse, I take my time and try to tell a good coherent story with good implications or in short not to try to piss people off. What does Brian do? He puts blasphemy into his works and literally says "The viewer wants to be raped." If that was true, then I probably would enjoy Stressed Eric, Mr. Pickles, Legends of Chamberlain Heights, King Star King, Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon and Where the Dead go to Die now wouldn't I? The point is that if you're a writer, the writing here is basically an extra "FUCK YOU" to anyone who ever has ever liked or enjoyed writing. When Brian Griffin has done enough bad shit to the staff in terms of fucking up, he gets fired and Dylan finally figures out that Brian was only using him to advance in his career. He gets mopey and goes away but not after stealing all the food at the place into his car. Then Brian gets Stewie to help him with getting Dylan back, and then we get this dialogue:
Dylan: How do I know that he's not going to hurt me again?
Stewie: Isn't taking that risk better than not having a dad?
Me: Huh? Let's try this logic elsewhere:
"This man who was once your friend years ago tried to murder and rape you one time not too long ago. We don't know if he is going to hurt you again but it's better to take the risk than not having a friend."
"Your brother beat you up for trying to get yearbooks that were yours from your old home and he only beat you up mercilessly because he didn't want you to take all of them just one from the latest year and he tried to murder you twice prior to that once for just not wanting to go to church and the other time for throwing a snowball by accident. We don't know if he is going to hurt you again but it's better to take the risk than not having a brother."
"Your father treats women and the world like shit, puts you in the wrong even when you do right and sides with the abuser and not the abused and forces his religion down your throat and threatens to throw you out into the streets if you didn't force yourself to believe in something that you don't think exists. We don't know if he is going to hurt you again but it's better to take the risk than not having a father."
Now the first one was an example but the second 2 are ones that I had to personally go through: Domestic Violence and FuneralYou may recall a few days ago that one of my friends have passed away. Well today was her funeral service (Her name was Mackenzie.) I went there with my mom. I knew Mackenzie for over a decade. Since first grade at the earliest. And she is the first ever in my class that originated from my hometown that stuck through the whole way and passed away. Everyone else in my grade from my hometown is still alive. So her being the first has shocked me. And she just turned 20 recently. I saw some of my old school friends there that I haven't seen in almost 2 years since school let out. It was nice catching up with them. They were happy to see me. I had a good time talking to them. Mackenzie's family was glad that I was able to pay my respects.
After the funeral service was over I wanted to head back to my house up in where I used to live with my dad. I didn't have any pictures of Mackenzie at where I live with my mom so I wanted to go there to get all my yearbooks that belong to me so that way I

And can we talk about Seth MacFarlane in general and how Brian is his "Standard voice?" A standard implies that this is how an actor/actress always sounds like without needing to change their voice. For example: Tara Strong sounds exactly like her Twilight Sparkle voice when I saw her at Bronycon. And Kelly Sheridan sounds exactly like her Starlight Glimmer voice whenever you hear her at conventions. Seth MacFarlane sounds exactly like Brian Griffin. So in this case, I actually expect Seth to be saying this out of earnest. Like, this is him literally talking not someone else. Which makes it worse.
What do I do with abusive people? Cut them out completely. Even if they hold onto possessions that I have, it's better to lose them then fight for it, reason why I haven't gone for a God damn lawyer for a bit. Think the abuser as like a fire, if you try to go back for your possessions in either case, you will get severely hurt and possibly die.
And at the end of the episode, Brian and Dylan forgive each other and they are bonding again. Despite the fact Brian learned nothing and it's been 3 years since this episode with Dylan never returning since. Presumably Brian still completely ignores Dylan out of his life.

It's episode like these why I won't leave Family Guy alone. Why did I leave Where the Dead Go To Die alone? Because Jimmy Screamerclauz admits to not take his movie seriously. Family Guy expects you to take EVERY episode seriously! And the worst episodes of Family Guy are worse than the worst episodes of other cartoons. I mean, The Loud House, their worst episodes are what? A character being cruelly treated for no good reason? Stupid ass writing? Abusive relationships? Family Guy not only has problems like that but ten times worse, but The Loud House at least FIXES their mistakes with later episodes! And when they fail, they are just duds and they wouldn't even make the top 500 worst animations of all time. (One of the Boys or Brawl in the Family aren't as bad as what I said they were in the past. Plus I have seen more new shitty animations since then.) The worst Family Guy episodes that I have seen are the ones that do real world damage like Screams of Silence and Quagmire's dad and 3 acts of God.
"You need to respect your family only because they're family" is the most common excuse that I have ever gotten for when I talk about my family issues. And trust me, I KNOW people out there have it worse than me. Essentially I am Dylan in this episode and my dad in real life is like Brian Griffin. In the early seasons of Family Guy, I actually liked Brian Griffin enough to even consider him the best character on the show. Now he is the worst thing that I have ever seen in existence. I consider him a worse dog than a dog who tortures animals for fun (Ren from Ren seeks help) or rips off a Dad's dick and a woman's vagina just to fuck a mom's corpse. (Labby from Where the Dead go to Die.) Hell, at least Mr. Pickles targets people who have DONE wrong FIRST! Dylan has done nothing wrong and he essentially gets fucked over in the end.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try to find that Sesame Street episode that treats Autistic kids like a Family Guy cutaway. And I'm also going to rant on YouTube's LGBT law. Happy whatever today is.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out.
And I'm not DONE with talking about how shitty Brian has become. I still will do that top 10 Brian's a Bitch list. :rage:
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I don't think that it should have come down to this. But YouTube did something SO heinous that I have to speak up. Now Youtube over its 12 year period is bound to have problems here and there. But I usually complain about them causing a problem when a certain section prior never was a problem. Now I don't hate Youtube per say in its first half of life 2005-2010. But the second half 2011-2017 has become pretty shitty. And I have decided to do a history on each year of YouTube. But before I can do that, we need to talk about YouTube's recent issue. No not the I Hate Everything issue being suspended. Not the annotations being removed despite being there since 2005. I'm talking about YouTube now banning LGBT videos. The age restriction on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender videos. And surprisingly all 3 of those problems came out in March of this year.
And out of all the YouTube problems that I EVER come across, I personally find this one to be the worst problem yet.
If you're subscribed to Rowan Ellis, neonfiona or maybe a few other YouTube channels, you know what I am talking about. YouTube is straight up age restricting videos just because they are about being Gay in some sort of fashion. And the biggest defense that YouTube is GIVING to us is that it wants to protect children. This of course is not the first time in history where this issue has occurred. It might be the first for YouTube but not in reality. (The ENTIRE 20th century.)  I mean good luck showing a gay couple in the 90's in kids entertainment. This isn't only going to be about kids by the way. Let's get the elephant out of the room how YouTube <Ahem> "Technically" supports Gay Marriage with its one YouTube video #Proud to be Coming together to celebrate identity. A very disliked video for obvious reasons. You see there's a word that can perfectly describe YouTube at the moment. And that word is "Regression." Meaning to go backwards. I mean, that's what the "Ad- vertiser" friendly bullshit was about 8 months ago.
The meaning of "protecting children" is disgusting to me on every level. I mean I could literally call YouTube the 4Kids website and most people would agree with me. Now if this was gay PORN that we were talking about, I would stop the video right there. But this is not about porn. YouTube thinks that being gay is something that should only be in let's say an X rated movie. Like it or not, children are going to hear about "Gay" in school. But unfortunately most of the time it will be used as an insult. I mean I could assume that Youtube doesn't know that there is a thing called Transgender kids. And the recent bathroom issue across America about Transgenders getting their own bathroom and people backlashing this is the icing on the cake.
YouTube is actually one of the FEW ways that queer and transyouths, bisexual youth, pan sexual youth, gay youth, asexual youth, you name it can have a place where they can communicate with each other.
Let me be right out front right now. I have my own Boyfriend. If I talked about him, would this video be restricted? I am a Genderfluid Pansexual. Genderfluid if you do not know means that a person can change their gender over time. They don't have a fixed gender per say. They do not "Stick" to one gender. They can be male one day and female the next. They are times where they could identify as both or heck, define themselves as no gender. I actually refer to myself more often as "Rebeccah" over "Ryan." As for Pansexual, it means that I love ALL genders! Man, Woman, Transgender, Genderfluid, Agender, you name it I all love. Gender is not how I define my love. I determine people by their personality. And whoever on YouTube thought that this was a "Safe" idea is on my shitlist.
This is not the right for YouTube to go around to "protect" children. Want some irony here?…
According to TheTrevorProject, the suicide rate is 4 to 6 times LARGER for LGBT kids over straight kids. YouTube age restricting LGBT videos is going to isolate LGBT kids more.
We need to stop the idea that talking about LGBT around children is "inappropriate" or "useless". If you don't talk about this sort of thing with your kids, they will only feel isolated and confused. My parents never told me about LGBT, so I learned all about it from the internet.  
In a national study, 40% of transgender adults reported having made a suicide attempt. 92% of these individuals reported having attempted suicide before the age of 25.
1 out of 6 students nationwide (grades 9-12) seriously considered suicide in 2016.
Each episode of LGBT victimization, such as physical or verbal harassment or abuse, increases the likelihood of self-harming behavior by 2.5 times on average.
LGBT youth who come from highly rejecting families are 8.4 times as likely to have attempted suicide as LGBT peers who reported no or low levels of family rejection.
Also, LGBT approval has SKYROCKETED in the past decade!…
On,… there's this quote: "there is a bias somewhere within that process equating LGBTQ+ with 'not family friendly.'" This is honestly worse than the YouTube Ad-vertiser friendly issue because that was not targeting a specific group. And as far as I could tell, it did not get very far. But YouTube videos in the past week have been age restricted on LGBT. And videos age restricted don't make money. Another quote and it's probably the most important of them all:
Kids who want to know about different orientations and definitions and about the history of LGBT people, etc, they can’t access that when their videos are being restricted. Restricting these videos makes it harder for these kids to find information they need and the community that they’ve been missing.
I think YouTube thinks that it is from a century ago where LGBT was considered a "Sin." And I am sure some idiotic people today still think that. I mean there are countries that still have this law in affect.  YouTube allowing viewers to EXPRESS themselves is what made them popular in the first place. And now this tis what they want to distance themselves from. It'd be like a country and people hating rules there so they flee to a new country to establish new rules. But over time they go back to the rules that they ran away from. So you then ask the question "Why did they run away in the first place?"
This wouldn't bother me that much on YouTube censorship if Television was doing the same thing. Except the fact that TV is improving. I mean take a look at Steven Universe in 2015 when it showed Ruby and Sapphire. A lesbian couple shown to kids. I am aware that it had some censorship issues. But 3 seasons later, we still see them to this day no issue. Didn't we also have another cartoon from 2016 The Loud House have a gay couple in their show? Clyde's dads Harold and Howard. Both are some of the most popular cartoons on TV right now, but NOT allowed to be for kids!
Look, I'm getting tired of YouTube doing this shit. This goes beyond copywrongs and banning people for spam. This is literally shunning one of the biggest types of groups in America. NO! Across the world.
But wait, aren't their gaming channels like say, the Game Grumps that do Gay innuendo? Is homosexual innuendo allowed even if it's just audio? According to Youtube, it's no. BUT, if THIS is the standard that Youtube wants to go buy, unless it's a HYPOCRITE, it's going to have to age restrict ALL their videos and in short demonetize them. HEY! There are Youtube channels that talk about the NEWS on LGBT. Would THEY have to be age restricted as well!? I'm pretty sure some of the staff on YouTube are gay as well. And if they were trying to teach kids about the issue, they would be straight up fucked up.
I said it before and I'll say it again: It's 2017 YouTube. Fix Yourselves now.
And I am STILL calling this the worst thing YouTube has ever done for the record. I am keeping that in mind.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :rage:
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My second time ever on Equestria Daily and first time for this year I am here:… I am number 146 in case you're wondering. It's of this picture: Pony Collection Contest 2017 by StarlightGGiantess5
And I just ran a poll on what day Starlight Glimmer day should be. More people are interested on having Starlight Glimmer day on August 13th over March 20th so from now on, Starlight Glimmer day will be celebrated on August 13th. Thanks guys. ;) You made Starlight Glimmer proud: :iconstarlightcuteplz: by Sourceicon 
Happy Winter Wrap up day every brony! And the funny thing is I got a massive snow storm just last week. And today the snow is finally melting and getting cleaned up. So maybe it's a REAL holiday!? ^^; :O
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :love: /)
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I finally was able to go sledding today since I moved out from my dad's place. So that's what? Over a month? I went to some kind of ball field that had a hill. And unfortunately there were kids there so I got a lecture from my mom about not to be a pervert around them. I hate being told this still. I just want to sled and nothing more. Why is it still that when adults want to do some kids activities or watch kid shows, they are labeled as "Pedophiles."? I stayed my distance from the kids. I thought we would have moved on as society by now but I guess not. I still had fun sledding but still. :/ :'(  
In other news, I changed my icon for a bit. I noticed a lot of my friends on Deviantart are using characters from The Loud House as icons so I thought I would join in on the fun. I picked Lucy Loud because she is best sister.  I've done other icons before like Fluttershy and Starlight Glimmer. Lucy here will only be temporarily.
Speaking of The Loud House, I finished recording for the second episode. I just need to edit it still. I will be reviewing every Loud House episode someday. Don't know when but we'll see.
And in other news, Super Mario Odyssey is a meme right now.
Alright, time to watch the second Samurai Jack episode.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbront3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out.
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Didn't know what to talk about today. I mean, there WAS an issue that I WANTED to talk about! But I rather not risk it quite yet so here:

StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out.
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So right now I am in the middle of a process to start writing out what I want my next cartoon to be. It's called "Infinitiverse." One of my dreams or what I want to try to get a future career in is to start creating cartoons. I've had that passion since I was a kid and I still technically do. I was trying to do that with "Giantess Jobs" originally, but I decided that it's not the best for me to make that into a project. That was more of me wanting to write a cartoon about giantesses. And considering YouTube gave me a Spam warning and took down my Giantess playlist, it's safe to say that maybe the public is not ready for giantesses yet. I'm still going to finish writing all the Giantess Jobs episodes and not that many remain and still draw pictures on occasions. (Folder for it:  starlightggiantess5.deviantart… ) Right now I will focus more on Infinitiverse. I wrote the pilot already and you can read it here: Infinitiverese Episode 1: Save and Enter*The scene opens at a castle during a stormy day with a warrior with a special powerful weapon called a "Sword-Hammer." Basically it's a hammer with a spike going through it. The one that he has is made of gold. His name is Kevin. The setting is like old English times. He is a muscular man with brown shorts and blond hair. He is advancing through a castle defeating small enemies. He then makes it to the top of the castle where he meets his main foe. He is attacking a demon monster named "Blackward." Blackward is a one eyed (red color) black skull monster. Or in short, a one eyed skeleton. He wears a purple cape. His body is hidden in the costume that he wears which is nothing but a black and purple pattern. He has huge teeth. His arms are also made of bones. His legs are hidden in the costume that he wears. He is the leader of the town that the 2 live in. He was a good leader at one time, but his actions have now gone out of control. Kevin is here to stop his evil doing.*
Kevin: Vile B

It's about a woman named Kelly Infinitiverse who is an animator and she creates her own cartoons (She's an independent person.) One day while she was animating, a powerful thunderstorm hits her and her laptop and she then gets sucked inside her laptop to the world of all the cartoons that she has ever created. This show will be a parody on cartoons (Things I might parody like Samurai Jack, My Little Pony, Ruby Gloom, Powerpuff Girls, Rick and Morty, and some other cartoons.)
Kelly however cannot stay in her own cartoons forever. Since the power is out, that means the laptop battery is dying. So when the power goes to 0, the screen will go to black and it can only work again if it gets charged. The problem is the thunderstorm destroyed her charger. And she can't buy a new one because she's stuck in her cartoons. If the power goes to 0, she is not only stuck in her laptop forever, but she then will die instantly because when you turn a system off, whatever was on screen goes away. And because she's a real human and not a cartoon, she won't be able to regenerate like her cartoons. So she will die if she can't get home.
On her travels, she'll make new friends, face dangerous enemies and be able to explore her own creations. This show will also play the tropes of animation. I mean, the LITERAL goal of the show is to physically BREAK the 4th wall! In the sky hangs what looks like a laptop screen. The goal for Kelly is that she must enter through that screen again before the power goes out so that she can enter back into her own world and can live another day.
I plan on making 20 episodes for this. Yeah this is a show that I don't want to see go on forever. I just want to tell the story that I have in mind and nothing more. No extensions. Let me know what you guys think of this. ;)
But one problem that I have in mind is pitching my cartoon. No the rating for this show will be PG if it's a kids cartoon or TV 14 if it's an Adult Cartoon. (For reference: Giantess Jobs is a "MA" rated cartoon.) But it's the idea of pitching it to any of the 7 animation networks. How do I put this? THEY'RE ALL FUCKING HORRIBLE! :rage:
Yeah that's something that I have been meaning to talk about for a while is to talk about how the 7 networks did for the past 15 months. I would say just for 2016, but I meant to do this for January and now it's halfway through March. So yeah this journal is late. ^^;
The 7 networks are Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Disney, Discovery Family, Fox and Nickelodeon.
Let's start with Discovery Family because that one is the easiest to tackle and probably the least bad in terms of Network. (Or Adult Swim. Honestly, those 2 are a tie for me.) Now this company formed because of something with money to replace the Hub. This brought in live action shows that I don't care about. (We're here to only talk about animation. We'll try our best to avoid live action.) It eliminated some cartoons as well like Dan vs. And then DF cancels Littlest Pet Shop. Why? Not for low TV ratings but because of shitty toy sales, in 2015. Well maybe if the toys actually RESEMBLED the show, maybe the show would still exist. It's hard to find the actual 7 pets as toys in the first place. I had to go to fucking Delaware just to find my Pepper skunk: Pepper and I by StarlightGGiantess5 I would say that the toy line and the show is done then, but then it turns out that the toys are still being made today and they're new ones. Despite the financial failure that the toys are and the show being cancelled. Wanna know how I know that? Because during the last Steven Bomb on Cartoon Network, they aired advertisements of Littlest Pet Shop rainbow toys. Which were new in 2017. The only show that IS airing new episodes is My Little Pony. If it wasn't for Bronies, I can guarantee you it probably would have only been as successful as G2 My Little Pony Tales. (One season.) Yes, I AM hyped for season 7 and season 6 IS my favorite season. Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle Season 7 by StarlightGGiantess5 The teaser was hilarious and the season 7 trailer with Starlight doing some Full Metal Alchemist shit looks EPIC! XD :love: But it's only one show. Now in 2016, it aired for 4 hours a day. Now it cut back by one hour in 2017 so it's 3 hours a day. Some days only 2 and a half. And in 2016, only MLP and LPS reruns would air and nothing else. Thankfully in 2017, I think it's improving. Despite the other shows that they air are only reruns, at least there's some variety. Like them bringing back Pound Puppies. But my biggest gripe was the 25 HOUR LONG New Years marathon. I don't think anyone, ignoring the 2-5 year old girl demographic, or even bronies, would watch 25 hours of one show in a row. So in short, if you're not a pony, you're not going to be able to get onto the network. Now in Infinitiverse, I will have ONE episode do a My Little Pony parody for fun, but nothing else. ;)
Let's move onto Adult Swim next. Despite them airing the worst cartoon of the decade so far (King Star King.) and their other show that was the only cartoon to get new episodes in 2016 Mr. Pickles (It's a Where The Dead Go To Die rip off.) I think maybe Robot Chicken got some new episodes as well but I don't know. I think they are the best network to pitch a cartoon right now. With how well Samurai Jack being as epic as it was 13 years ago, they are the sign that they are a network that I respect the most. The problem is that it's late at night. Good luck getting an audience. I mean that's why King Star King failed. (For having a 3 A.M. time.)
Now Fox, look, either you're The Simpsons or Family Guy or a clone of them or nothing. They don't care about ANYTHING else! Maybe Bob's Burgers but nothing else. So fuck them. And they probably have the worst copyright out there. If you review a Fox product, you're guarantee a strike. And if I made a cartoon, I don't want people getting striked for reviewing my show for doing nothing wrong. I just hope Alex Hirsch fixes Fox.
Disney? They let you air your cartoon on Disney for a month then dump it to Disney XD so that they can continue playing the WORST sitcoms in existence! Seriously, if I ever did live action reviews, those would be the first pieces of shit to be tackled. And I kid you NOT that I thought that originally I thought Disney XD was just only for animation and regular Disney was just only for live action.
Then there's Nickelodeon. You may remember me trying to do a Loud House review a while back earlier this month: Why Viacom? No, just why in general? by StarlightGGiantess5 So yeah there's the copyright stuff. While I DO believe that Nick is improving on their shows (Haven't seen Bunsen is a Beast yet. Though FOP is now animated worse than Pixel Pinkie, a FOP clone from 8 years ago.)they still are awful to work with. Look at what happened to C.H.Greenblat concerning Harvey Beaks: C.H. Greenblat issuesSo Piegurulz just released a new video that got my attention on a Nick Rant.
So C.H.Greenblat, the guy behind Harvey Beaks, thinks that Nickelodeon is shit. Here:
I cannot believe that Nick would sink this low. No other cartoon company has sunken this low. Hasbro, Disney, Cartoon Network, you name it. "So, what caused this sudden confession? It has to do with Greenblatt finding out that Nickelodeon was moving the remaining un-aired episodes of Harvey Beaks from Nickelodeon to Nicktoons. The network never bothered to tell him that it was, in effect, killing the show off, and Greenblatt learned about the fate of Harvey Beaks just like fans of the show did, via a Nickelodeon Twitter post." I started watching Harvey Beaks just recently for the record and it's a good show. :) But I feel bad for C now. When he did Chowder on CN, he

And then there's Cartoon Network. Ugh. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse. Besides airing Teen Titans Go! 159 times in one week, 159Do you want to know what that number means? It means that's how MANY TIMES Teen Titans Go! AIRS this week! 159 different times! ALL WEEK LONG! 50% of the viewing this week is Teen Titans Go! This squishes the other shows. This guy by the name "DeviantCringe" does a good job explaining it:
There is NO episodes of Powerpuff Girls this week! Not just no new ones, but NO RERUNS! You know the SOLE purpose of its reboot was so that Cartoon Network could use it to gain more money off it by having its franchise exist nothing more but for fucking toy sale gains. Why else would Galactic Kids Next door be cancelled despite the creator wanting it and yet PPG gets a spinoff without the creator wanting it? I thought My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was getting too much airtime on Discovery Family with its 4 hours a day and having that one time 25 hour marathon over New Year's. Teen Titans Go! is even WORSE! At least DF HAS no other shows so it airing FIM makes sense. Cartoon Network has OTHER sho
 (I heard word now that it might have increased to 172 a week now.) they aired another Ben 10 spinoff. I'm not a fan of Ben Ten to begin with, but I at least respect the original. Now for My Little Pony's case, it has 4 spinoffs across 4 decades. Implying one spinoff per decade. That seems reasonable. Do you know how many Ben 10 has? 5 spinoffs across 2 decades. Which is too much. And 3 of them are from this decade alone and we're not done with it yet. We'll probably get another Ben 10 reboot before 2020. Then there's that Regular Show ending. Now the Regular Show finale is in my top 10 favorite animations of all time. But CN treated it like it was shit. They literally aired the finale with VERY little advertising! Heck, I didn't even know the TIME for the Regular Show finale! Thankfully I still got to see it live. Once it finished airing its episodes, no Regular Show episode rerun has aired since. It's been 2 months now since that. So Regular Show is now long gone. Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe are unfortunately looking like they will end the same faith. Also, CN WAS going to air the movie "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo" recently. But at a last minute decision, they decided to air the Cat in the hat movie. I don't think CN is as bad as it was in 2009 with its CN REAL era. But I do believe that they might want to try live action again. I just don't want 2019 to be a repeat of 2009. And don't even get me started on Galactic Kids Next Door. If anything, I think I'm in the same boat as Patrick Warburton. (Did anyone suggest to him to try Adult Swim?) But last but not least, there's the Powerpuff Girls 2016. Now one way to put it is that it's as big as a mistake as Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon. Not AS bad as it obviously. But both shows made fans hate the product of each of themselves. People lost respect for Ren and Stimpy after APC. And people lost respect for PPG in 2016. Now then again, EVERYTHING was hated in 2016 for having a female cast! People hated Starlight Glimmer for trying to be a Sunset Shimmer or Twilight Sparkle rip off. (I relate to her more than Bojack Horseman or any other character in existence.) People hated Ghostbusters for having a rule 63 cast and not anything else. I can't even figure out WHY people hate Suicide Squad! I personally :love: that movie. So people might need to help me out on that one. I hate Chloe Carmichael from Fairly Odd Parents, but it has NOTHING to do with her being female. It's because she's too DAMN cheerful! And she's the least qualified for fairies. But I believe that PPG has the most hate of them all. And it honestly is one of the BIGGEST mistakes in animation history and probably CN's biggest mistake yet for a show. Well for one they rejected a guy who WANTED a spinoff while Craig McCracken didn't have anything to do with this show. Here's the weird thing: I actually :love: Powerpuff Girls 2016 the show. (Yes I'll write about season 1 soon.) But I just think you need more of a reason to exist then to sell me a Bubbles doll. Now Hasbro/Discovery Family is at LEAST a Toy company as well. Cartoon Network is not so them making a cartoon in 2016 just to sell fucking toys makes no sense.
But the worst network to me is Comedy Central. Now I actually do like some of their live action. (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I haven't really seen Trevor Noah's shit yet.) But their animation? Ugh. Unless you're South Park, I don't care. Now they aired something new this year called "Jeff and some Aliens." Now I haven't seen it yet, but it looks like a Rick and Morty rip off. At least it's a STEP in the right direction. But I respect CC less than CN. EVERY other CC cartoon is a South Park rip off and NOTHING ELSE! Brickleberry is basically South Park + Family Guy + Allen Gregory. Lil Bush was 7 years too late. God I :love: Drawn Together, but even I can't deny that it's a South Park clone with one of the worst movies in existence. >:[ And some of the worst cartoons of the 2010's are Comedy Central Cartoons. Legends of Chamberlain Heights is essentially this decade's The Nutshack. But I like the Nutshack more than LOCH because at least the nuts was original. LOCH is not and is worse animated. If Alice 2010 didn't exist, then it'd be the cheapest animation ever. And don't even get me started with Viacom in general.
Oh and because this was a creative idea, they decided to give LOCH a second season 2 months BEFORE the pilot even AIRED! What? Just because Star vs. The Forces of Evil did it and succeeded doesn't mean ALL cartoons can do that! This is still happening to shows today. In fact, it happens MORE today than before! My Little Pony got announced an 8th season 2 months BEFORE season 7 even AIRS! And season 7 has yet to air and it will one month from today. I don't get why because they always waited till the END of a season to announce a new season. I mean they announced season 7 right after the episode "Every Little Thing She Does," one of the final episodes of season 6. The Loud House gets a 3rd season before the first season even finished. And the Simpsons I think gets 2 extra seasons before said season even ended or aired.
Then there's the animated Twerking in LOCH, The Loud House, Powerpuff Girls and Norm of the North. I know the last one is a movie, but still. :/
So what do I do with all 7 networks being shit? Well, I'll still try Adult Swim if I ever get the chance. But the other 2 options are to make it an Internet animation (Which more likely will happen.) or try Netflix. After seeing how well Bojack Horseman did, it's probably the best bet for Infinitiverse. But I don't know how to get a show on Netflix to be completely hones. Plus you must pay for Netflix and I don't have Netflix.
So yeah, what do you think of Infinitiverse?
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :D
One thing: So I noticed that Mr.Enter put the Tex Avery cartoon at number 1 on his top 10 worst 90's cartoons list. Eh, I still think Stressed Eric is worse. Although I was surprised that Bad Dog or Project GeeKeR was not a mention at least.
Oh and by the way, thank you :iconantisapien: for putting me in this journal:  My GratitudeI would like the show my appreciation for the fellow individuals that I have the privilege to know here in Mr. E's page. Forgive me if I missed some of you.
:icon2paculawastaken: You seem like a cool guy and I would love to know more of you. Also yeah Christmas pin-ups are best pin-ups. ;)
:iconacunaandrew: I do not know you that well but I wish to be a good friend to you.
:iconafreakydude: You seem like a nice guy and I heard you are a Christian like me. In that case God bless you my brother. :hug:
:iconantoxicmoth: I do not know you that well but I seethat you have pretty great drawings and I hope to learn more about you and become friends.
:iconastonlevy: Though I admit my introduction to you was not that pleasant with me being a hater of video games and you being a lover of video games, know that I got a chance to know you more I know realize that you are truly and awesome guy. Even though you seem to be a little harsh on stuff you do not like, you still manage to get careful analy
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Wishing a happy 21st birthday to Antisapien today. :iconantisapien: Go check out his work if you haven't yet.
Also, does anyone on here know how to do Journal skins? I don't want to keep using the same old white background.
I had in mind to use a Starlight Glimmer (Season 6 happy.) journal skin. I know it can be done, but I don't know how.
Enjoy your day Roman Ramirez and thanks for letting me be part of your Deviantart family: DA Family by Antisapien :love: /)
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Animation has been around since 1909 with the first animation ever "The Humorous Phases of funny faces." And we always like to talk about our favorite and least favorite animations in existence. What are mine? Well...

To Where And Back Again: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
In this episode, Queen Chrysalis captures the mane 6, the princesses and some others to her hive. Now I have talked about this before: Top 16 Favorite Animations of 2016Top 16 Best Animations of 2016
And now for the best. I put more on this list because we had ALOT more good animations that bad ones this year. Heck, I don't think I could ONLY do a top 10 like I did for the worst. There's just THAT MUCH GOOD! Once again, one per franchise. Movies allowed. But I won't put "Kubo and the 2 strings" on this because I have not seen that movie. From what I heard, I'm PRETTY sure that it DESERVES to be on this list! But I'm not since I didn't see it. Once again like for the worst, I didn't go out of my way to see EVERY animation of this year! I haven't seen Regular Show, Adventure Time, Gumball, Harvey Beaks and SO MANY MORE shows this year! There were SO MANY cuts that I had to make for this list! But 16 is my limit. I'm also leaving off Zootopia. It would be number 9 or number 8, but I'm leaving it off because I want to say stuff for OTHER things! Zootopia gives me nothing new to say that you haven't heard before. I could probably do a top 50 for the
First Impressions: To Where and Back AgainEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D
After 2 weeks of dodging spoilers and wasting my time watching bad cartoons, i can FINALLY see the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 6 FINALE FINALLY!
I'm glad i waited, but it was hard to do. It was worth the wait. It may be cliche or too quick to say this, but I don't care. This is my NEW favorite episode of the show, hay, maybe even favorite animation! (Though when you compare it to "Sausage Party" and "That's too much man" from "Bojack Horseman" it's hard to say.) But i still think this is the one.
Starlight gets an invite to a sunset festival to her old town thanks to Derpy's delivery. She gets scared going back there with even a dream on how she gets scared and how her old friends betray her. (Oh so Starlight CAN be like Bojack when it comes to old friends! With Bojack and Herb that is.) Princess Luna appears twice in her dreams. And the second time she enforms her of the Changelings and that Queen Chrysalis returns. (Wait, is that the first time
My Thoughts on MLP Season 6My Thoughts on MLP Season 6
But there’s no new My Little Pony episode. :'(
But that doesn’t mean I can’t TALK about My Little Pony! :D
So My Little Pony is done for the year and will resume in the spring. With that in mind, I figured that I could write my opinions on this season. This is my FINAL decisions on each episode! First Impressions were only journal entries right after I watched the episode for the first time. And since today is the first Saturday without an MLP episode, I figured that today would be the PERFECT day to talk about the episodes this season.
Oh and SPOILERS if you haven’t watched the whole season yet! So I just thought that I’d say that before you read this.
Should I give scores for each of these episodes? NAH! I’ll just give my opinion on each one and that will be it. I gave scores on my Rick and Morty and Family Guy season ones, but I won’t here. So let’s begin.
Episode 1 & 2: The Cr
  Starlight Glimmer: Best character everStarlight Glimmer: How I feel about her
Cutie Markless: Or when she was first announced.
Present me (As in, if I went back in time to tell my past self on this character. What I say as my past self is how I first actually felt on Starlight Glimmer.): Hey! Have you heard about the new villain for the season 5 premire of My Little Pony?
Past me: I don't know if I'm going to like this character or not. It looks like she is going to be that generic CEO villain that you see in like EVERY other cartoon ever! She feels like she could EASILY be just another "Great and Powerful" Trixie. Or she could just be like another Sunset Shimmer.
Present me: Naw come on man! You gotta watch it! Starlight Glimmer changed my life!
Past me: A purple, pink and blue unicorn changed your life? >:[
Present me: Hey, didn't a purple unicorn change your life? And didn't you say that My Little Pony is your favorite cartoon? Just wait till she first airs next week (April.) and then you'll see how good she i
4 HEROES! by StarlightGGiantess5 Starlight Glimmer and Samurai Jack by StarlightGGiantess5And this episode has my favorite character in animation Starlight Glimmer be the star in it and she needs to overcome her fear of being a leader again since last time she was a leader, it didn't work out so well. I wouldn't call her a "villain" per say despite what the show says. It's more of "Misguided." If you know what I mean. My username StarlightGGiantess5 I got the idea form her so yeah that's kind of important. Trixie is also in this so seeing her makes me happy. :D Then Thorax and Discord follow pursuit. Essentially they make a "Suicide Squad." =p And considering that I love the movie Suicide Squad, I thought that this was a nice touch. I don't think it's ripping it off because if it WAS ripping it off, it would have been too quick to be it. The only way to rip off that movie in less than 2 months is if this show had the budget of South Park, Legends of Chamberlain Heights, 12 oz., Alice 2010 or Newborn Cooties. This episode feels like it took 9+ months. The animation is some of the best that I have ever seen. So in short it's a coincidence. And 2016 was an EPIC year for animation! Probably the best out there. I enjoy how bad and idiotic the changelings try to be when they are the mane 6 and Spike. (Including a funny joke of Rarity punching Spike. XD) I also enjoy how they communicate with Queen Chrysalis. Also this is the first episode that they ever address her by her actual name Queen Chrysalis. It's also nice to hear how The Great and Powerful Trixie and Queen Chrysalis are both voiced by Kathleen Barr. :D (Side note: she also did Kevin in Ed, Edd N' Eddy and Mrs.Twombly and Jasper in Littlest Pet Shop.) John De Lancie is still funny as always as Discord. In fact I think he does a better Discord job here than the season 4 finale. (It's funny when he complains about the "Decent chaos." XD)
I think what makes me enjoy this animation the most is that it does many things right where it could have easily gone wrong. Like the dream sequence: it could have failed in 2 ways, 1. Say the whole episode is a dream and nothing is real or 2. Do a Brian Griffin drug trip from Family Guy Seahorse Seashell Party. Actually Starlight's dream sequence is similar to "Downer Ending" when Bojack took drugs to help write his novel. (It's also nice seeing Princess Luna in it. ;))In fact I like this dream sequence more since it moves more of the plot forward. The moral: probably what makes this episode best besides the story. Starlight needing to learn how to be a leader is important since she fucked up one time and thinks that if she ever was a leader again she would be bad. But thankfully she learns how to be a better leader when she leads Trixie, Thorax and Discord. Also, Kelly Sheridan, who voices Starlight Glimmer noticed me. :D
Yay! :D by StarlightGGiantess5 (Side note: She also did a character in Sausage Party. My favorite movie ever and 2nd favorite animation ever.)
The fights with the changelings are epic AND dark! :O Like how basically it looks like they massacred Trixie on screen. And Discord being smart enough to know that Fluttershy was a changeling right away surprised me. He knew the set up. He was smart enough to not fall for that stupid trick that cartoon characters usually fall for. (I recall Soos falling for it once in Gravity Falls with the skull thing from the Summerween episode.) Also Discord and Trixie have a good chemistry. :) The scene where Starlight reforms the changelings is probably my favorite scene in animation ever. I know that some people hated the fact that Starlight Glimmer reformed the changelings. Honestly, that didn't bother me. In fact, I like the newer designs over the old ones. What I would NOT have been fine with though if Krissi got reformed. She doesn't seem to be the type to get reformed and we need at least one villain to stay a villain. Thankfully she is still a villain and managed to escape. Also I enjoy Starlight's speech on how to be a leader.
Starlight: I know what it's like to lead by fear and intimidation! And I know what it's like to want everypony to do what you say! But I was wrong. A real leader doesn't force her subjects to deny who they are! She celebrates what makes them unique and listens when one of them finds a better way! :D
Me: And the one that is said later:
Starlight: I guess after the way I used my magic on all of you, I wasn't sure I was somepony who should even be in charge of a baking contest. I was afraid I might go back to being the pony I used to be. But I realize that sometimes you don't have a choice. You have to step up. And I have changed! I can handle it. Whether that means saving Equestria or helping friends out with the Sunset Festival.
Me: It may just may be me, but do you think the ponies of her old village pretty much act the same way having their cutie marks as they did with OUT!? :O Also they tore down Starlight Glimmer's old house. (No joke. Take a close look in the finale. The house is gone.) I mean I thought they would treat Starlight kind of like her first dream sequence or better yet how Bojack interprets Herb in Downer Ending. She definitely has improved in season 6 with her new mane. ;) I truly believe that Starlight is the best character ever and this is her best appearance ever making it my favorite animation ever. :love:
Starlight: Where’s that baking contest? THIS PONY NEEDS A CUPCAKE! :D >:]
Me: And that's my opinion on what my favorite animation is. It's just the best overall in terms of writing, acting and animation. :D /) On the other hand.

Where the Dead Go to Die.
I've talked about this before as well:

Top 10 Worst Animations of 2016Top 10 worst animations of 2016
2016 is coming to a close (Happy New year's eve. :P) And when it comes to animation, I think that this was its best year ever for it. No seriously, I think 2016, out of ALL 100+ years of animation (1906 was the first year of animation with "The Humorous Phases of Funny faces.) this was the best one! At least in what we were shwon. :D
Yeah, the networks, in the interior, were not good this year. For those who don't know what I mean right there:
Exterior: What the viewer (like you and I.) see on the TV. It's the main focus of the networks for advertisements and for viewership counts.
Interior: As if you actually worked in an animation studio. What you produce to a network to release to the public.
But, talking about the animation companies is not what we're here for. (That's going to be a future journal for the record.) We're here to talk about what they produced this year. And we have a "few" duds here and there. Most of the bad stuff honestly was
Where the Dead Go to DieDo not watch this movie. I don't care if you're morbidly curious. Do not watch this movie. It is one of the most vile, disgusting things that I have ever seen.
I was trying to watch very scary things yesterday for Halloween, and I was wondering if there were really scary animated movies. I remember there was Where the Dead Go to Die, so I watched its entirety yesterday. And now my fucking brain hurts. You know the Pandora Box theory where if you opened the box, all evil will be released? Well, I would open that box apparently because that's what THIS movie feels like! ALL EVIL! I know everyone says this, but yeah, it is animated WORSE than a Xbox kinect! I should have listened to the others, BUT I DIDN'T LISTEN! I know I said a while back I wouldn't review it, and I'm still not for the record, but I only saw the trailer for it as well as reviews for it. That's why I said it then.
I think at some point, I made a mistake. And this was probably my worst one yet. Where the Dead Go to Die i

This <Ahem> *Animation* contains everything that I hate about animation. No wait that was the Drawn Together Movie. This contains things that I thought could have NEVER hated!  Now I've said that I have more respect for this than something like say Da Boom Crew. But that's only because this told an original story. But that's the ONLY reason! "Tainted Milk" has Mr. Pickles ripping off a father's penis. I think Adult Swim saw this and stole this idea for the show Mr. Pickles. I mean, the boy in this, let's call it "Short" is named Tommy. One of the main characters in Mr. Pickles is also named Tommy. (And no it's not a God damn Rugrats reference.) The short even has plot holes. Okay, it's outright stated from Labby, which I'll never be able to look at Labradoodles again. (I own a cute Labradoodle for the record so I want to say FUCK YOU to this movie right off the bat for ruining my favorite type of dog! :rage: ) Labby tells Tommy that he must rip off the dad's dick and rip open his mom's womb so that he can kill his newborn brother before he even is born. That way the mom's "Milk" can be tainted because apparently the newborn son is somehow related to the Devil (or he's an Antichrist.) and by doing this it will stop Satan's powers. (I wish I was making this shit up.) Even though Labby states that Tommy has to do it, Labby does it anyway causing a plot hole. And after we get to see the dad's dick ripped off and the newborn baby fetus being dragged by the dog, we see the dog fuck the mom and Tommy fuck Labby at the exact same time to make it "Truly tainted." And that's the opening act. Nothing I have ever seen has ever been THAT bad prior! And that is actually the "Best" part of this movie. This movie also has seizures like the Problem Solverz. I don't think that if you watch this movie, you'll vomit per say. I at least didn't I don't know how you feel when you watch incest. (It's disgusting to say the least.) But you will have nightmares beyond all belief. Jimmy Screamerclauz, the guy who made this movie claims that he was on pot when he wrote this. First of all, BULL FUCKING SHIT! :rage: Look, after watching Regular Show, which is CLAIMED to be a Drug trip, being on drugs is NOT an excuse to be shit. And that was made 6 YEARS before this shit! (This came out in 2012.) And second, I don't think weed (I don't do drugs for the record.) would make you see this bizarre shit. And if it did, we probably wouldn't have a drug problem in our world. (Idea for antidrug PSA. Show them THIS movie and say that this is what drugs due to you. You'd win instantly. Just like on how to prevent sex, show Mega Babies.)
Actually, one way that I could sum up this movie is call it the "King of Ren Seeks Help." Think about it: Ren shows us some fucked up visuals in his episode and shows a lot of torture to unneeded creatures. Same thing goes here but instead to animals, it's to humans. And this goes on for an hour and a half. And it just may be me, but I think torture is worse when it happens to small human children than to animals. The animation has the worst lip syncing that I have ever seen. Foreign cartoons are better than this. At least form what I REMEMBER. I mean, my favorite animation To Where And Back Again I watched over half a dozen times so I can easily tell you what I remember. This shit I BARELY could make it through one time! I first watched this movie on October 31st, 2016 and TWABA on October 22nd. So yeah that was close bad timing per say.
If this is a comedy, which is what Jimmy scary last name is claiming to be, then you're evil in thinking that a mom fucking her own children is funny and making fun of Christians and Atheists and whatnots just for the sake of making fun of them is comedy in the slightest terms. If this is meant to be taken serious, then it is FAR, FAR WORSE! In fact if it is serious, then it's more offensive than Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Quagmire AND Strange Magic! This movie by the way has some of the worst 3D animation that I have ever seen. Not THE worst. I still think Dorbees and Rapsittie Kids is cheaper, but at least they don't show Hentai Porn.
And now for the worst part. I stated my favorite thing in TWABA is the story and characters. The worst is what I just said. In one part, a father demands that his little daughter who is younger than 9 to fuck a boy who is probably 10. And he video tapes her while doing this. Reasonably, the girl is super scared. But when she refuses, her dad forces her to be hung by a ceiling fan by her neck in chains and she has to continue being strangled and hung until she follows daddy's orders. (This...can't be legal right?) Forget about that scene disgusting or scaring me. The movie did that to me prior. It's pathetic, offensive, disgusting and every other negative emotion ever. It's truly the worst scene in animation ever. NO! In existence.
And unlike Sausage Party, they don't do a good job making fun of religions.
Anything else? Well we have a guy who is able to steal other people's memories. Which honestly, that is one of the BEST ideas ever! But I complained about it before. Blah, blah, blah, wasted potential. Oh and the memories we DO get to see is a mom fuck her own children. You thought Peter marrying Chris in Fresh Heir was bad? At least they never actually SHOWED incest! Speaking of Family Guy, you miles well call this movie "Brian Griffin's drug trip." Because it's basically Brian's Drug trip form Seahorse Seashell Party, but instead of 2 minutes it's an hour and a half long. We have weird one eyed creatures. You CAN make one eye creatures look pleasant! Mike from Monster's Inc., Leela from Futurama and Iris from Ruby Gloom are all good examples. Not this. There's also these "Happy" face guys. Which is creepier than any occult of equality that I'll ever see. (Starlight reference.) Incest without a doubt is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. And this movie goes ALL the way out with it! The ONLY saving grace is that it's only done mainly by one guy and the animation looks bad. Imagine if DISNEY did something like this! Actually, don't because that's too nightmarish.  
I'm done here.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out! :love: :rage:
Oh and happy Pi day.
I dunno, what about you guys? What's your favorite and least favorite animations?
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So I noticed that pretty soon that Mr. Enter is going to release a top 10 worst cartoons of the 90's. I wanted to do my own lists on each of the 5 decades of animation as well (I only classify the 70's and onward for rankings. The 60's and prior it gets too difficult.) Although I want to do EACH of the decades in video form. 10 videos total. A top 10 worst and a top 10 best for each decade. I'll start at the 70's and do a top 10 worst of the 70's and then do a top 10 best of the 70's and then do a top 10 worst for the 80's and then a top 10 best for the 80's then the top 10 worst for the 90's and so on and so forth. But just for fun, I thought I would make my OWN list for the top 10 worst of the 90's. Keep in mind this is all my OPINION and I haven't seen EVERY cartoon of the 90's plus I'm doing this off the top of my head. Alright enough explanation, let's begin:
10. Hammerman
This is only number 10 because this was honestly funny to watch! XD But it's still a shitty cartoon. >:[ Like Alice in Wonderland 2010, Newborn Cooties or Legends of Chamberlain Heights, it has VERY cheap animation! Like, I actually THOUGHT at first when I first watched the cartoon, my computer had an issue. But no, it actually IS "animated" like that! Actually this feels more like an "Animatic" to the actual animation. I kid you not when I say that 12 Oz. Mouse looks more animated than this. At least that looks like it's finished. This feels unfinished.
The plots? It's your typical 90's cartoon celebrity cash in. The first episode involves a magical painter that because rocks, he can make graffiti art come to life. The show is about Hammerman being able to wear magical shoes that do whatever the plot demands him to. The daughter explained in the intro KNOWS who Hammerman is, but in the show she doesn't know who he is. Why Hammerman takes his shoes off I'll never know. He should just keep them on all the time because they make do whatever the fuck he wants. And seriously, the ANIMATION! Ever wanted to see a Television cartoon use one frame of animation per second? Well, this is the show for you. (For reference, a typical cartoon uses 30 frames per second in animation.)
9. Kid N' Play
At least I could HEAR what was going on in Hammerman. I CAN'T HEAR A FUCKING THING HERE! :rage: Am I deaf? Have I gone deaf!? Is the AUDIO broken!? What is the story for each episode? I don't know because I CAN'T HEAR THE DIALOGUE OVER THE GOD DAMN BACKGROUND MUSIC! This is the WORST sounds that I have EVER heard on a television cartoon! Why is this high? Well because it's not doing anything TRULY bad! Other than hurting my ears. From what I could gather, the "Story" was somewhat decent. Although one episode involves celebrity kids not being able to afford their car to get out of being impounded. Despite them being rich. MY EARS! THEY HURT! One kid I THINK says:
Kid: I already bought up my allowance to the year 2050.
Me: You tell me if it makes sense or what I said is right at all. I don't think it makes sense. And I could only GUESS what he said! Let's just move on before I go deaf from making this list.
8. New Kids on the Block
One thing that I found particularly annoying about 90's cartoons were the celebrity based ones. And I just realized that 3 cartoons in a row are celebrity based.
We have a weird intro sequence in the pilot involving a kid imagining he's at a "School Prison." I'm not kidding. There are search lights that are made up of giant pencils. They have a video game that BLATANTLY rips off Super Mario Bros sound effects! The show also seems to use 90's slang. Basically make Da Boom Crew in the 90's and have the kids go to school. This show also has a massive Ego. You know how Teen Titans Go! likes to boast about their show? Well this show also does that, in the pilot ALONE! Don't know if it's worse than TTG though, it would take more watches to figure out so who knows. This cartoon is more of a documentary than a cartoon, and even then I wouldn't be interested in the documentary. The cartoon itself makes live action transitions of the actual New Kids in real life. It gets very annoying very fast. And also there's this constant "boxing and unboxing" effect. Involving the screen to be full at one moment to being tiny the next with the background having some sort of drug effect. Honestly, I like Hammerman more than this. Hammerman was a "So bad it's good" kind of mentality. And even though the animation here is better, I think it tries less than Hammerman and is MORE of a cash in of that show! And even if it has better audio than Kid N' play, it still is also a bigger cash grab than that show. In fact I go as far in saying that this is the worst celebrity cash grab in existence. It's like "The Rainbow Dash" show actually exists. I like Hi, Hi Puffy Ami Yumi. And I like Class of 3000. But I don't like this.
7. Bad Dog
Maybe Where The Dead Go To Die was NOT original in terms of the dog! I say that because this is literally that movie in terms of the dog part over a decade prior. I'm not saying this show is anywhere near as BAD as that movie but still. :/
This show is basically half Mr. Pickles and half Stressed Eric. It's not as bad as either of those cartoons, but the plot of the show is about a dog doing bad things to good people. Different people get tortured in each episode so thankfully it's not all one guy like the Megward the wizards. In every episode, the tortured guy says "Bad Dog." Then the dog cries. Then the good guy gives in and says "Good Dog." The world expects the good guy that got massacred by the dog to say "Good Dog." Then the dog becomes happy. Every. Single. Episode. The dog's name is "Berkeley" by the way. Not even Ed, Edd N' Eddy is this formulaic. You'll find more variety in shows like The Loud House and Milo Murphy's Law. Winona form My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a better dog than Berkeley. Zoe Trent from Littlest Pet Shop has more of a personality as a dog than this stupid dog. And no Berkeley is not stupid like Odie from the comic strip Garfield. He's a smart dog so he KNOWS that he's doing bad things!  >:[
6. Shnookums and Meat 
Out of all the cartoons on this list, this is definitely the most dullest. It's a Ren and Stimpy gross out show with no gross out whatsoever. That's mostly because this is a Disney cartoon. Every episode was too dull or too boring or both. And they weren't even gross in the slightest. I'm not DEMANDING gross out! But if you make a gross out cartoon, then you NEED to have gross out! But I rather a cartoon be non gross than a cartoon with TOO much gross out! (That's a later candidate.) Shnookums sounds exactly like Skull Boy from Ruby Gloom by the way.
5. The Wacky world of Tex Avery
How do you homage a dead person? Do you try to be as best and closest to their art style and stories? No that would be the SMART thing to do! No you just make an annoying stereotype of said product. The intro literally has armpit farting in it. The plots? They're stupid. The first episode has this woman say "Really I have, I have" 3 times in that annoying speech while a Western man named Tex (Hurr de durr he's named after the dead guy we're profiting off of. That's not cool guys.) and another cowboy try to each be a rodeo clown. Also one part the bad guy removes a belt from bull, but the belt comes right back on in the next scene for no apparent reason. Also they have a very racist depiction of Asian people, in the 1990's for kids. The second episode is literally just Boating Buddies or Summer Job from SpongeBob except with a hospital treatment. While it may have more reason to torture the guy, I think it's worse than both said episodes. The Pompeii guy exists because rocks. The third episode is another torture porn episode. Think SpongeBob episode "Ugh" but remove the charm and have Squidward get beaten up for no reason and lose and have 10 SpongeBob cavemen. It just may be me, but I'm willing to bet that the writers of this show probably don't know that Tex's actual name is Fred.
4. Angela Anaconda
This is one of the UGLIEST shows that I have ever seen! The main character Angela is a sociopath. Nanette is another Megward the wizard. Not the worst of the 90's but we're getting there. The plots are either stupid, cliché or both.
3. The Brothers Grunt
Hey did you ever want to see what Danny Antonucci made BEFORE he made Ed, Edd N Eddy, a Viacom cartoon that replaced Beavis and Butthead and has a shit ton of gross out with some of the worst character designs ever? No? Too bad because it exists. There are scenes that have lip movement be optional. There's just so much gross out here. Apparently this cartoon is supposed to parody music videos. Remember when MTV had good music videos and not crappy reality shows? That's what they're parodying. If anything amazes me, it's the fact that this cartoon is not BAD enough to be in my top 10 worst cartoons of all time! The only reason it's not any lower because the episodes are only 7 minutes long. What would this show be like if it was 11 minutes long? Well...
2. Mega Babies
If anything I think some people might find it surprising that I don't put this at number 1. It's not like I'm DEFENDING this show in any shape or form! The worst episode is in my top 15 worst animations of all time. But this show, Mega Babies is one of the worst cartoons that I have ever seen. It's top 10 bad. I'm not even kidding here. Technically this show has more episodes aired in 2000 than 1999. But FUCK IT! I'm counting it as a 90's show. You may recall that I have talked about Mega Babies before: Mega Babies: The Flight of the killer zombees by StarlightGGiantess5 Mega Babies EP 23 The Flight of the Killer ZombeesMega Babies-EP 23-The flight of the Killer Zombies Review
You know what? It’s October. The month of Halloween. I am trying my best still to avoid the My Little Pony season 6 finale. I have been occupying myself with writing and finding other shows. And with it Halloween, I thought I would find some more horror stuff for this time of year. So the best to distract myself from my favorite cartoon is to take a look at one of the worst cartoons ever made! (This is the best way to distract myself right?) UGH! Why do I do this to myself? But seriously, what am I watching here? This is a cartoon called Mega Babies. It’s from 1999. And yes, this is known as one of the worst cartoons ever made. I’ve seen a lot of bad cartoons. Adult Party Cartoon. King Star King. Mr. Pickles. Legends of Chamberlain Heights. The Nut shack. The Problem Solvers. Da Boom Crew. Pixel Pinkie. The Cramp Twins. Paddy the Pelican. But among those, could this one be the worst? Everyone has a different op
 If My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic is the BEST kids cartoon ever, then this here is the WORST kids cartoon ever! Like Bad Dog, it's basically half and half of 2 other shows. Here, it's half Ren and Stimpy and the other half is Rugrats. I :love: Ren and Stimpy and Rugrats. I know some other people may not like these shows but you have to at least admit they did their own thing. Each decade of animation, there seems to be one cartoon that EVERYONE wants to rip off! Whether it'd be Scooby Doo of the 70's, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic of the 2010's, SpongeBob of the 2000's or in this case Ren and Stimpy of the 1990's, they all have major thieves. Shnookums and Meat is a Ren and Stimpy rip off if you didn't have any gross out whatsoever. Here is a Ren and Stimpy rip off if you have TOO MUCH GROSS OUT! X_X When I do my ACUTAL video on the top 10 worst cartoons of the 90's, I know some cartoons will get different places, but this one and my number one will DEFINITELY stay here! 10-3 may change but not these 2. Okay, from what I could STAND, the show is about 3 babies but because ;JAERHJRAEIJTSAE;IJTIJ;AE4T they are given super powers and so is their nanny. One episode is literally titled "It's my party and I'll puke if I want to." This is the LITERAL proof that I need in the statement "You can show ANYTHING you want in kids cartoons in the 90's as long as it ain't a gay couple." Yeah we can't show Clyde's 2 dads from The Loud House here but we CAN show a baby puke a river and have bumblebees look like zombies! Also Ed, Edd N' Eddy kind of got away with some gay jokes in the 90's, just saying.
1. Stressed Eric
When I first started watching 90's cartoons, I knew what would be number 1 IMMEDIATELY! IT was SO bad to my eyes in such gross out that I gave up after watching 5 minutes of it. And then watched this show "Stressed Eric" which proved to be even WORSE! You may remember that I have talked about Stressed Eric before:

Top 16 Favorite Animations of 2016Top 16 Best Animations of 2016
And now for the best. I put more on this list because we had ALOT more good animations that bad ones this year. Heck, I don't think I could ONLY do a top 10 like I did for the worst. There's just THAT MUCH GOOD! Once again, one per franchise. Movies allowed. But I won't put "Kubo and the 2 strings" on this because I have not seen that movie. From what I heard, I'm PRETTY sure that it DESERVES to be on this list! But I'm not since I didn't see it. Once again like for the worst, I didn't go out of my way to see EVERY animation of this year! I haven't seen Regular Show, Adventure Time, Gumball, Harvey Beaks and SO MANY MORE shows this year! There were SO MANY cuts that I had to make for this list! But 16 is my limit. I'm also leaving off Zootopia. It would be number 9 or number 8, but I'm leaving it off because I want to say stuff for OTHER things! Zootopia gives me nothing new to say that you haven't heard before. I could probably do a top 50 for the
Top 10 Worst MegWard the WizardsTop 10 worst Meg ward the Wizards
Ever wonder which characters in animation have been tortured the most? Well, here’s my opinion on which characters from cartoon TV shows have been abused the most. Some rules: The character must be in 10 episodes or more, to prevent one timers like the armadillo from Bubsy or the frog from Ren Seeks Help. And one character per show. And no movies. Alright, let’s point them out.
10. Spike: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Never thought I use THIS show for a list like this. Yeah Spike to me does get abused a lot in this show. Oblivious was treated better than him at one point. He is also weak compared to other dragons for some reason. And EVERY other dragon in the show can fly but not him. Now there are other characters in MLP that can go here. Sunset Shimmer in EQG because every movie “let’s point out that she lost a long time ago and was once bad over and over again!” And Starlight Glimmer for her not appearing i
Animated Assholes: Maria by StarlightGGiantess5 First Impressions: Pony (Stressed Eric)I HATE THIS! I HATE THIS! I HATE THIS!
This miles well be one of the most aggravating, depressing and painful animations that I have ever seen!
Stressed Eric: A show where one guy, one specific guy has the universe hate for no good reason. He gets pummeled, beaten up and every physical attribution to pain that you can imagine. It is in the top 5 worst cartoons of all time! 
I picked the episode "Pony" because "Pony."
So in this episode, Eric needs to pay the window man 35 pounds, but he doesn't have money. So he steals money from his daughter's piggy bank. But he then realized that it was wrong to do that. While fixing the crime, he accidentally breaks the piggy bank. So then he tries to come up with an excuse.
Eric: Let's see, the chair fell over against the shelf. And the big book of fairy tales fell onto "My Little Pony."
Me: Yes, they deliberately say "My Little Pony." I'm surprised they got away with that because not even Family Guy has the rights to say My Little Pony. (Acco

I know that like I said with Mega Babies that a lot of people hated Rugrats. That's fine, opinions are opinions. But let me put it clear here: Everything that I heard about Rugrats being bad from the story, charm and characters in the complaints I see it displayed here. In fact this is what I think of when people DO hate the Rugrats. The show is about a guy named Eric Feeble whose life is literal hell. In the first episode Nativity, he deals with a bunch of shit and then he loses in the end, with his kid not saying the one line he needed to say. Besides the pilot, that is pretty the premise of EVERY episode! Stressed Eric needs to be stressed and have himself strangled because the universe legitimately hates him. And let me just say it right now, I HATE EVERY FUCKING SECOND OF THIS SHOW AND EVERY SECOND IS A PAIN TO MY SENSES! It's not AS gross as Mega Babies, but that makes sense because this ain't a Ren and Stimpy rip off. Despite it being made by Klasky Csupo, I don't think it's a Rugrats rip off either. (They made Rugrats.) And this is without a doubt their worst thing ever. Baby Blues? All Grown up? Angelica's Preschool Dayze? Nope, those are all BETTER shows than Stressed Eric! (Although technically Baby Blues is right in between Mega Babies and Stressed Eric as my 6th worst cartoon ever but whatever.) This show besides Eric 100% losing all the time, he frequently has to deal with his divorced wife that constantly makes Eric's life worse. I know the cartoon "The Critic" also did this, but that was played down less and was at times funny. It's not here. Maria is the worst animated CHARACTER of the 90's. She's half Brenda Quagmire and half Patrick Star. Not a good combination to say the least, and despite her being a maid that Eric hired, she makes his life worse. She never gets fired for no reason. And if it wasn't for "Kid N' Play," then THIS would have the worst television audio EVER! And like I have said before, this show has the worst rendition of My Little Pony you'll ever see. Not Teen Titans Go!, not Newborn Cooties, not whatever. THIS SHOW.
Where would I put Stressed Eric in comparison to every other shitty cartoon? Stressed Eric is currently number 5. Behind Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, King Star King, Legends of Chamberlain Heights and Mr. Pickles.
I'm done here. Got to get ready for a snow storm tomorrow. It's Monday the 13th people, Garfield's least favorite day: Starlight and Garfield by StarlightGGiantess5 Time to watch some more Ed, Edd N' Eddy. A better 90's cartoon.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, FUCKING OUT! :rage:
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Now that I got that out of the way, time to do that other stuff that I put on hold.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. ;)
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My favorite cartoon of the 2000's returns tonight baby!
So I thought despite other people doing top 10's of it, (I found at LEAST 5 other videos on YouTube doing the exact same thing.) I thought I would join in on the fun.
10. The Scotsman- any episode
The only 2 reoccurring characters on the show are Aku and Jack. But there was one OTHER character that did make an occasional return. That would be the Scotsman. He's just funny all the way. I love his intro when he does a Bagpipe occasionally on a rickety bridge. I think it's funny that his wife is just as burly as him, maybe even more. And I also love how he frees Jack from the sirens. Which makes me wonder if My Little Pony got their Siren idea from these 3 girls. Speaking of My Little Pony, Tara Strong who voices Twilight Sparkle will be in tonight's episode of Samurai Jack. I'm not kidding. Look it up if you don't believe me.
9. Jack vs Mad Jack/Jack vs Aku
I couldn't help it. This one is a tie in terms of goodness. For the first one, a great episode on how to deal with one's inner anger. As for the second one which feels like a finale, nope! It's not even the final episode. But it's hilarious pretty much the whole way through and Aku sums up the show best. And I personally enjoy the 3 rules that Jack gives Aku to do! XD
8. Jack and the Farting Dragon
This is the one that MLP parodied one time in "Dragonshy" when Fluttershy went against a dragon. But beyond that, Jack saves a village from a dragon's smoke. The jokes here are funny and it's nice to watch.
7. Jack and the 3 blind archers/Jack and the traveling creatures
I couldn't help it. This one is a tie in terms of goodness. It's amazing how 3 archers can take down a robot army, but not a man who is blindfolded.
As for the other one, all I can say for that ending is, do you think this is what is going to happen to Jack soon? Like, is it still ACURATE!? :O
6. The Birth of Evil
One thing I am a sucker for is lore. And I LOVE hearing origin story for villains! And I REALLY :love: Aku's origins!
If you asked me who my favorite character in animation was, I'd say Starlight Glimmer of My Little Pony.
But if you asked me who my favorite villain was in animation, that would be Aku. Just hearing on how it all started intrigues me. :D
5. Jack vs Demongo, the Soul Collector
This is how a villain should be that is not a main villain. You make him pretty powerful, you only give him one chance and you make sure he still loses. Also this has the funniest ending of the show. XD

4. Jack and the Spartans
Let's get the elephant out of the room: This was made BEFORE the movie 300. Yet both were based off the comic.
Anywho, this episode shows a great battle between 2 different groups. And the ending makes it one of the best moments of the show.
3. Aku's Fairy tales
There should be a rule that EVERY cartoon should have a "Slice of Life" episode. Not as much as say The Loud House, but have something like the MLP version of it. What puts it this high is hearing a female voice coming out of Aku. XD Also, that kind whose name is Phil, the actor for Jack is named Phil LaMarr so the joke is a bonus 4th wall joke. XD
2. Jack and the Lava Monster
When I think of Samurai Jack, this is the first episode that comes to my mind. Jack having to do a bunch of tasks all in the end to face a monster is the perfect set up for Samurai Jack. :D 
1. Jack remembers the Past
A lot of these episodes you could make a finale like the birth of evil, Jack vs Mad Jack or Jack vs Aku. I do wonder if this could be a sign of the finale. It's tear jerking the whole way through. :'( :')
And those are my choices. Now I'm waiting till season 5 starts. Weird because usually when I WANT to see a spinoff/continuation continue like I was excited to see Adult Party Cartoon and Teen Titans Go!, they turned out to be shit. I didn't give a fuck on Friendship is Magic or Powerpuff Girls 2016, and yet those are some of my favorite shows in existence.
What are your favorite Samurai Jack episodes?
Oh and today was the Kids Choice Awards. I honestly forgot because I was too focused on Samurai Jack. ^^; I saw the last 5 minutes of it.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :D
Enjoy this picture while you can that I made for season 5 till it starts: Starlight Glimmer and Samurai Jack by StarlightGGiantess5
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Giganta Yuuko Kinoshita- Episode 2 by Jackurai 

Mature Content

Massive Day Out by Jackurai

Only Room For ONE Jupiter by Jackurai
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Thank you all for 150+ watchers on Deviantart. And yes I'm only doing the first 150 for now. Everyone remaining will be brought up for the 200 watchers which is when I'll do this again.
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Okay I got myself a new website account and I'm on a new site for videos called My account:
And I have Starlight Glimmer for my account face because I think you know why. ;) /) :iconstarlightcuteplz: by Sourceicon
And the review of the pilot episode of The Loud House is up.
And yes the copyright issue with Viacom is still in place. But I sent in a counter notification so we'll see how that goes.
And I'm going to now review another episode of The Loud House because screw you Viacom I want to review another one.
And I expect the video to be up on YouTube around April 6th. More than likely Viacom won't do anything to the video so it is just going to sit there doing nothing for a whole month. I don't want you guys to wait that long to see that video so I found a new site.
Why did I try Well because I want an outlet to post my videos. I'm not going to post those video game compilation videos that are on my YouTube account and what made me get rich in the first place on my account. My account is ONLY going to be for reviews of The Loud House and maybe other shows that I can't get reviewed on YouTube. I mean, you CAN'T see my video at the moment on YouTube right?
So what's next for videos? Well I'm still going to make those video game compilations only because I have to pay bills in real life. As for original videos, I'm going to do some research on YouTube because I want to do a "The History of YouTube" series. A total of a dozen videos will be made. One for each year to be represented. 2005-2017. (I won't do the 2017 one until 2018 at least.) I am aware that there are versions of it out there, but I want to do MY side of things and opinions as well. And maybe when that's done I can do a history of cartoons for each year from 1990 to now. And then a history of My Little Pony mini series video. Yeah I'm going to hold off the Alice in Wonderland 2010 Cinematronic review for right now until this Viacommunist issue gets resolved. As well as Loud House reviews. So what do you think of my history ideas? Are they interesting?
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :D
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Today I made a video talking about Copyright:
Some people I want to thank: :iconmrenter: :iconiheofficial: :iconthecrimsonmayhem: :iconantisapien: :iconpowerpuffpony1:
And there are many more but I just want to get this out of the way.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out.
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Okay so I WAS going to put my first ever review of The Loud House right here and maybe that review could encourage other people to review this show on YouTube, but Viacom blocked it world wide and now I'm sad. I'm going to be making a video tomorrow that talks about Fair Use.
all I have to say right now is: #WTFU
That was started over a year ago. And yet we STILL have gotten NOWHERE! I hope this gets fixed soon.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out.
By the way, today's the day in SpongeBob in SB 129 when Squidward pulled a Phillip J. Fry stunt and froze himself for 2 Millenniums. SB-129 Verifiable Proof by Doctor-of-W
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