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My second time ever on Equestria Daily and first time for this year I am here:… I am number 146 in case you're wondering. It's of this picture: Pony Collection Contest 2017 by StarlightGGiantess5
And I just ran a poll on what day Starlight Glimmer day should be. More people are interested on having Starlight Glimmer day on August 13th over March 20th so from now on, Starlight Glimmer day will be celebrated on August 13th. Thanks guys. ;) You made Starlight Glimmer proud: :iconstarlightcuteplz: by Sourceicon 
Happy Winter Wrap up day every brony! And the funny thing is I got a massive snow storm just last week. And today the snow is finally melting and getting cleaned up. So maybe it's a REAL holiday!? ^^; :O
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :love: /)
  • Listening to: Winter Wrap Up
  • Reading: Equestria Daily and Giantess Jobs & Infinitiverse
  • Watching: The Nutshack Memes and Ed, Edd N' Eddy
  • Playing: Nintendo Land
  • Eating: Grand Mac
  • Drinking: Juice and Milk
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