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Sally: We're killing Queen Violet!? O_O
Rebeccah: I've made up my mind. She's not worth it anymore.
Alexandra: She was your friend at one time!
Rebeccah: She's keeping Tina hostage and tried to kill us at the scene when we were there. She just can't move on from the past. There may have been a time when we agreed on things like Macras should be in charge but things are different now and she can't accept that.
Isabella: Are you sure this is for the best?
Rebeccah: Yes.
Natasha: So are we going to go fight her right now?
Rebeccah: Yes! :rage: WAIT! I mean- ^^;
Natasha: You heard her girls! MARCH WEST! >:]
Remaining 5: YEAH! :D
Rebeccah: Uh...not quite girls! ^^;
*The other 6 look confused.*
Emily: Didn't you want us to stop her right now?
Rebeccah: I um...wanted to do training for a bit.
Sage: (Sounds surprised and a bit happy from hearing this.) Training?
Rebeccah: We need to train before we fight Queen Violet and Angelina again just to be safe in case their guards have gone up.
Sage: TRAINING? :)
Rebeccah: We'll be heading up North to a big-
Sage: TRAINING!? :love:
Rebeccah: Ugh. (Rebeccah slaps herself in annoyance.) YES Sage, we're heading to "The Fields."
Sage: EEEEE~ :love:
*Sage gets excited and when she jumps open to open her arms, she accidentally hits Sally in the eye in the process.*
Sally: OW!
Sage: Oops. Sorry Sally. ^^; I just get so excited heading to the Great Northern fields! :love:
Sally: What are those fields?
Natasha: It's a training field. :)
Rebeccah: Come along gang!
*The 7 start to head north.*
These fields in use by us giantesses for about 500 years. Once a year when we weren't helping the human race do their daily life back at Giantess City, we were allowed to head to this location called the fields. It's mainly nothing but a gigantic farm. In the winter time, it gets to negative 20 degrees Celsius (-4 Degrees Fahrenheit.) So it is UNBEARABLE to be here! As a Macra, Hybrid, Giantess, Human or whatever else, it is too cold to be in use. Now in the spring time, it gets warmer. And this is when the humans start to grow various foods like potatoes, turnips, mushrooms and other vegetables and sometimes fruits like apples, grapes and in the southern parts: oranges. In the summer time, the food is ready and humans from all around the world like to come to this location. They are able to sell food and get foods here for 3 months of the year where you couldn't anywhere else. People come here as adults to basically part all night and day with no need for rest. It's basically a fun location for humans in the summer. In the Fall, the food is pretty much all gone and there's no purpose for humans to stay here anymore so they all leave and won't resume here until next year. Since the place in the Fall is unoccupied and it's still warm enough to be survivable, we were allowed to come here. And luckily since it's the fall now, we can easily use the place. :D
Sally: WOW! :D
Sage: Yeah yeah boring story. GET TO THE GOOD PART! :rage:
Rebeccah: Oh yes. We also like to play a certain sport here. (Rebeccah rolls her eyes.)
Sage: "GIANTESS BALL!" :love:
Sally" "Giantess Ball?" :O
Rebeccah; <sigh> "Giantess Ball" is a sport that is often played by giantesses in sporting events. You humans have the hockey, the baseball, the football, the other football whatever those humans call it.
Sally: Oh you mean soccer? Soccer is with the black and white ball here and they call it "Football" in various other locations.
Rebeccah: My point is, you guys have THOSE sports while we have Giantess Ball.
Sage: And I'm GREAT at the game! :D
Rebeccah: I SUCK at Giantess Ball. OKAY!? :rage: Sports aren't my forte.
Sally: How do you play?
Rebeccah: If we can get some PROPER training in first, then we can play it.
Sage: Aw come on! We should play it NOW! What do you say Sally!? :D
Sally: Um...I think it's best that we actually train first to finish our goal and save Tina before we do any games.
Rebeccah: HA! =p
Sage: Oh shut up! >:[
*They arrive at the fields.*
Sally: Wow. The fields just seem to go on FOREVER! :O
Rebeccah: They certainly do.
Isabella: Even with us as big giantesses, it STILL looks big!
Rebeccah: NATASHA! We need a big building! >:]
*Natasha finds various materials like some of the land and trees that are in the fields to start building a building.*
Alexandra: OOH! an I knock it down!? :D
Rebeccah: You can knock it down when we are done training here. Do NOT destroy it BEFORE we are done here! >:[
Alexandra: Aww! :'(
Natasha: DONE! :D
*Natasha essentially builds a gigantic school house. With another house that has 7 gigantic beds in it.*
Emily: WOW! How impressive Natasha: It looks better than last year's building that you built! :D
Natasha: Thanks. I think the blue tint to the wood makes it shine better. >:]
Sally: You build this EVERY year!? O_O
Natasha: Of course! We can't keep it up over the winter because the blizzards would knock it down. And if we did NOT knock it down, it would destroy some crops.
Sally: Ah.
Rebeccah: Come inside girls. We need to start some teaching.
Sally: Who's teaching?
*The 6 girls sit in the school house with Rebeccah present at a chalk board.*
Rebeccah: I AAAAAM! :love:
Sally: Oh great. >:[
Sage: I TOLD you we should have played Giantess Ball. >:[
*The End. To be continued.*
Rebeccah, Isabella, Alexandra, Natasha, Emily, Sally and Sage head north to a place called "The Fields." Carry 
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