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So right now I am in the middle of a process to start writing out what I want my next cartoon to be. It's called "Infinitiverse." One of my dreams or what I want to try to get a future career in is to start creating cartoons. I've had that passion since I was a kid and I still technically do. I was trying to do that with "Giantess Jobs" originally, but I decided that it's not the best for me to make that into a project. That was more of me wanting to write a cartoon about giantesses. And considering YouTube gave me a Spam warning and took down my Giantess playlist, it's safe to say that maybe the public is not ready for giantesses yet. I'm still going to finish writing all the Giantess Jobs episodes and not that many remain and still draw pictures on occasions. (Folder for it:  starlightggiantess5.deviantart… ) Right now I will focus more on Infinitiverse. I wrote the pilot already and you can read it here: Infinitiverese Episode 1: Save and Enter*The scene opens at a castle during a stormy day with a warrior with a special powerful weapon called a "Sword-Hammer." Basically it's a hammer with a spike going through it. The one that he has is made of gold. His name is Kevin. The setting is like old English times. He is a muscular man with brown shorts and blond hair. He is advancing through a castle defeating small enemies. He then makes it to the top of the castle where he meets his main foe. He is attacking a demon monster named "Blackward." Blackward is a one eyed (red color) black skull monster. Or in short, a one eyed skeleton. He wears a purple cape. His body is hidden in the costume that he wears which is nothing but a black and purple pattern. He has huge teeth. His arms are also made of bones. His legs are hidden in the costume that he wears. He is the leader of the town that the 2 live in. He was a good leader at one time, but his actions have now gone out of control. Kevin is here to stop his evil doing.*
Kevin: Vile B

It's about a woman named Kelly Infinitiverse who is an animator and she creates her own cartoons (She's an independent person.) One day while she was animating, a powerful thunderstorm hits her and her laptop and she then gets sucked inside her laptop to the world of all the cartoons that she has ever created. This show will be a parody on cartoons (Things I might parody like Samurai Jack, My Little Pony, Ruby Gloom, Powerpuff Girls, Rick and Morty, and some other cartoons.)
Kelly however cannot stay in her own cartoons forever. Since the power is out, that means the laptop battery is dying. So when the power goes to 0, the screen will go to black and it can only work again if it gets charged. The problem is the thunderstorm destroyed her charger. And she can't buy a new one because she's stuck in her cartoons. If the power goes to 0, she is not only stuck in her laptop forever, but she then will die instantly because when you turn a system off, whatever was on screen goes away. And because she's a real human and not a cartoon, she won't be able to regenerate like her cartoons. So she will die if she can't get home.
On her travels, she'll make new friends, face dangerous enemies and be able to explore her own creations. This show will also play the tropes of animation. I mean, the LITERAL goal of the show is to physically BREAK the 4th wall! In the sky hangs what looks like a laptop screen. The goal for Kelly is that she must enter through that screen again before the power goes out so that she can enter back into her own world and can live another day.
I plan on making 20 episodes for this. Yeah this is a show that I don't want to see go on forever. I just want to tell the story that I have in mind and nothing more. No extensions. Let me know what you guys think of this. ;)
But one problem that I have in mind is pitching my cartoon. No the rating for this show will be PG if it's a kids cartoon or TV 14 if it's an Adult Cartoon. (For reference: Giantess Jobs is a "MA" rated cartoon.) But it's the idea of pitching it to any of the 7 animation networks. How do I put this? THEY'RE ALL FUCKING HORRIBLE! :rage:
Yeah that's something that I have been meaning to talk about for a while is to talk about how the 7 networks did for the past 15 months. I would say just for 2016, but I meant to do this for January and now it's halfway through March. So yeah this journal is late. ^^;
The 7 networks are Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Disney, Discovery Family, Fox and Nickelodeon.
Let's start with Discovery Family because that one is the easiest to tackle and probably the least bad in terms of Network. (Or Adult Swim. Honestly, those 2 are a tie for me.) Now this company formed because of something with money to replace the Hub. This brought in live action shows that I don't care about. (We're here to only talk about animation. We'll try our best to avoid live action.) It eliminated some cartoons as well like Dan vs. And then DF cancels Littlest Pet Shop. Why? Not for low TV ratings but because of shitty toy sales, in 2015. Well maybe if the toys actually RESEMBLED the show, maybe the show would still exist. It's hard to find the actual 7 pets as toys in the first place. I had to go to fucking Delaware just to find my Pepper skunk: Pepper and I by StarlightGGiantess5 I would say that the toy line and the show is done then, but then it turns out that the toys are still being made today and they're new ones. Despite the financial failure that the toys are and the show being cancelled. Wanna know how I know that? Because during the last Steven Bomb on Cartoon Network, they aired advertisements of Littlest Pet Shop rainbow toys. Which were new in 2017. The only show that IS airing new episodes is My Little Pony. If it wasn't for Bronies, I can guarantee you it probably would have only been as successful as G2 My Little Pony Tales. (One season.) Yes, I AM hyped for season 7 and season 6 IS my favorite season. Starlight Glimmer and Twilight Sparkle Season 7 by StarlightGGiantess5 The teaser was hilarious and the season 7 trailer with Starlight doing some Full Metal Alchemist shit looks EPIC! XD :love: But it's only one show. Now in 2016, it aired for 4 hours a day. Now it cut back by one hour in 2017 so it's 3 hours a day. Some days only 2 and a half. And in 2016, only MLP and LPS reruns would air and nothing else. Thankfully in 2017, I think it's improving. Despite the other shows that they air are only reruns, at least there's some variety. Like them bringing back Pound Puppies. But my biggest gripe was the 25 HOUR LONG New Years marathon. I don't think anyone, ignoring the 2-5 year old girl demographic, or even bronies, would watch 25 hours of one show in a row. So in short, if you're not a pony, you're not going to be able to get onto the network. Now in Infinitiverse, I will have ONE episode do a My Little Pony parody for fun, but nothing else. ;)
Let's move onto Adult Swim next. Despite them airing the worst cartoon of the decade so far (King Star King.) and their other show that was the only cartoon to get new episodes in 2016 Mr. Pickles (It's a Where The Dead Go To Die rip off.) I think maybe Robot Chicken got some new episodes as well but I don't know. I think they are the best network to pitch a cartoon right now. With how well Samurai Jack being as epic as it was 13 years ago, they are the sign that they are a network that I respect the most. The problem is that it's late at night. Good luck getting an audience. I mean that's why King Star King failed. (For having a 3 A.M. time.)
Now Fox, look, either you're The Simpsons or Family Guy or a clone of them or nothing. They don't care about ANYTHING else! Maybe Bob's Burgers but nothing else. So fuck them. And they probably have the worst copyright out there. If you review a Fox product, you're guarantee a strike. And if I made a cartoon, I don't want people getting striked for reviewing my show for doing nothing wrong. I just hope Alex Hirsch fixes Fox.
Disney? They let you air your cartoon on Disney for a month then dump it to Disney XD so that they can continue playing the WORST sitcoms in existence! Seriously, if I ever did live action reviews, those would be the first pieces of shit to be tackled. And I kid you NOT that I thought that originally I thought Disney XD was just only for animation and regular Disney was just only for live action.
Then there's Nickelodeon. You may remember me trying to do a Loud House review a while back earlier this month: Why Viacom? No, just why in general? by StarlightGGiantess5 So yeah there's the copyright stuff. While I DO believe that Nick is improving on their shows (Haven't seen Bunsen is a Beast yet. Though FOP is now animated worse than Pixel Pinkie, a FOP clone from 8 years ago.)they still are awful to work with. Look at what happened to C.H.Greenblat concerning Harvey Beaks: C.H. Greenblat issuesSo Piegurulz just released a new video that got my attention on a Nick Rant.
So C.H.Greenblat, the guy behind Harvey Beaks, thinks that Nickelodeon is shit. Here:
I cannot believe that Nick would sink this low. No other cartoon company has sunken this low. Hasbro, Disney, Cartoon Network, you name it. "So, what caused this sudden confession? It has to do with Greenblatt finding out that Nickelodeon was moving the remaining un-aired episodes of Harvey Beaks from Nickelodeon to Nicktoons. The network never bothered to tell him that it was, in effect, killing the show off, and Greenblatt learned about the fate of Harvey Beaks just like fans of the show did, via a Nickelodeon Twitter post." I started watching Harvey Beaks just recently for the record and it's a good show. :) But I feel bad for C now. When he did Chowder on CN, he

And then there's Cartoon Network. Ugh. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse. Besides airing Teen Titans Go! 159 times in one week, 159Do you want to know what that number means? It means that's how MANY TIMES Teen Titans Go! AIRS this week! 159 different times! ALL WEEK LONG! 50% of the viewing this week is Teen Titans Go! This squishes the other shows. This guy by the name "DeviantCringe" does a good job explaining it:
There is NO episodes of Powerpuff Girls this week! Not just no new ones, but NO RERUNS! You know the SOLE purpose of its reboot was so that Cartoon Network could use it to gain more money off it by having its franchise exist nothing more but for fucking toy sale gains. Why else would Galactic Kids Next door be cancelled despite the creator wanting it and yet PPG gets a spinoff without the creator wanting it? I thought My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was getting too much airtime on Discovery Family with its 4 hours a day and having that one time 25 hour marathon over New Year's. Teen Titans Go! is even WORSE! At least DF HAS no other shows so it airing FIM makes sense. Cartoon Network has OTHER sho
 (I heard word now that it might have increased to 172 a week now.) they aired another Ben 10 spinoff. I'm not a fan of Ben Ten to begin with, but I at least respect the original. Now for My Little Pony's case, it has 4 spinoffs across 4 decades. Implying one spinoff per decade. That seems reasonable. Do you know how many Ben 10 has? 5 spinoffs across 2 decades. Which is too much. And 3 of them are from this decade alone and we're not done with it yet. We'll probably get another Ben 10 reboot before 2020. Then there's that Regular Show ending. Now the Regular Show finale is in my top 10 favorite animations of all time. But CN treated it like it was shit. They literally aired the finale with VERY little advertising! Heck, I didn't even know the TIME for the Regular Show finale! Thankfully I still got to see it live. Once it finished airing its episodes, no Regular Show episode rerun has aired since. It's been 2 months now since that. So Regular Show is now long gone. Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe are unfortunately looking like they will end the same faith. Also, CN WAS going to air the movie "Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo" recently. But at a last minute decision, they decided to air the Cat in the hat movie. I don't think CN is as bad as it was in 2009 with its CN REAL era. But I do believe that they might want to try live action again. I just don't want 2019 to be a repeat of 2009. And don't even get me started on Galactic Kids Next Door. If anything, I think I'm in the same boat as Patrick Warburton. (Did anyone suggest to him to try Adult Swim?) But last but not least, there's the Powerpuff Girls 2016. Now one way to put it is that it's as big as a mistake as Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon. Not AS bad as it obviously. But both shows made fans hate the product of each of themselves. People lost respect for Ren and Stimpy after APC. And people lost respect for PPG in 2016. Now then again, EVERYTHING was hated in 2016 for having a female cast! People hated Starlight Glimmer for trying to be a Sunset Shimmer or Twilight Sparkle rip off. (I relate to her more than Bojack Horseman or any other character in existence.) People hated Ghostbusters for having a rule 63 cast and not anything else. I can't even figure out WHY people hate Suicide Squad! I personally :love: that movie. So people might need to help me out on that one. I hate Chloe Carmichael from Fairly Odd Parents, but it has NOTHING to do with her being female. It's because she's too DAMN cheerful! And she's the least qualified for fairies. But I believe that PPG has the most hate of them all. And it honestly is one of the BIGGEST mistakes in animation history and probably CN's biggest mistake yet for a show. Well for one they rejected a guy who WANTED a spinoff while Craig McCracken didn't have anything to do with this show. Here's the weird thing: I actually :love: Powerpuff Girls 2016 the show. (Yes I'll write about season 1 soon.) But I just think you need more of a reason to exist then to sell me a Bubbles doll. Now Hasbro/Discovery Family is at LEAST a Toy company as well. Cartoon Network is not so them making a cartoon in 2016 just to sell fucking toys makes no sense.
But the worst network to me is Comedy Central. Now I actually do like some of their live action. (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I haven't really seen Trevor Noah's shit yet.) But their animation? Ugh. Unless you're South Park, I don't care. Now they aired something new this year called "Jeff and some Aliens." Now I haven't seen it yet, but it looks like a Rick and Morty rip off. At least it's a STEP in the right direction. But I respect CC less than CN. EVERY other CC cartoon is a South Park rip off and NOTHING ELSE! Brickleberry is basically South Park + Family Guy + Allen Gregory. Lil Bush was 7 years too late. God I :love: Drawn Together, but even I can't deny that it's a South Park clone with one of the worst movies in existence. >:[ And some of the worst cartoons of the 2010's are Comedy Central Cartoons. Legends of Chamberlain Heights is essentially this decade's The Nutshack. But I like the Nutshack more than LOCH because at least the nuts was original. LOCH is not and is worse animated. If Alice 2010 didn't exist, then it'd be the cheapest animation ever. And don't even get me started with Viacom in general.
Oh and because this was a creative idea, they decided to give LOCH a second season 2 months BEFORE the pilot even AIRED! What? Just because Star vs. The Forces of Evil did it and succeeded doesn't mean ALL cartoons can do that! This is still happening to shows today. In fact, it happens MORE today than before! My Little Pony got announced an 8th season 2 months BEFORE season 7 even AIRS! And season 7 has yet to air and it will one month from today. I don't get why because they always waited till the END of a season to announce a new season. I mean they announced season 7 right after the episode "Every Little Thing She Does," one of the final episodes of season 6. The Loud House gets a 3rd season before the first season even finished. And the Simpsons I think gets 2 extra seasons before said season even ended or aired.
Then there's the animated Twerking in LOCH, The Loud House, Powerpuff Girls and Norm of the North. I know the last one is a movie, but still. :/
So what do I do with all 7 networks being shit? Well, I'll still try Adult Swim if I ever get the chance. But the other 2 options are to make it an Internet animation (Which more likely will happen.) or try Netflix. After seeing how well Bojack Horseman did, it's probably the best bet for Infinitiverse. But I don't know how to get a show on Netflix to be completely hones. Plus you must pay for Netflix and I don't have Netflix.
So yeah, what do you think of Infinitiverse?
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :D
One thing: So I noticed that Mr.Enter put the Tex Avery cartoon at number 1 on his top 10 worst 90's cartoons list. Eh, I still think Stressed Eric is worse. Although I was surprised that Bad Dog or Project GeeKeR was not a mention at least.
Oh and by the way, thank you :iconantisapien: for putting me in this journal:  My GratitudeI would like the show my appreciation for the fellow individuals that I have the privilege to know here in Mr. E's page. Forgive me if I missed some of you.
:icon2paculawastaken: You seem like a cool guy and I would love to know more of you. Also yeah Christmas pin-ups are best pin-ups. ;)
:iconacunaandrew: I do not know you that well but I wish to be a good friend to you.
:iconafreakydude: You seem like a nice guy and I heard you are a Christian like me. In that case God bless you my brother. :hug:
:iconantoxicmoth: I do not know you that well but I seethat you have pretty great drawings and I hope to learn more about you and become friends.
:iconastonlevy: Though I admit my introduction to you was not that pleasant with me being a hater of video games and you being a lover of video games, know that I got a chance to know you more I know realize that you are truly and awesome guy. Even though you seem to be a little harsh on stuff you do not like, you still manage to get careful analy
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This was a nice compilation review of all of the networks. Online streaming does seem to be the future, and I'm okay with that.

Also, I kind of hate Suicide Squad, so it's interesting to see others who do enjoy it.
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