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So I noticed that pretty soon that Mr. Enter is going to release a top 10 worst cartoons of the 90's. I wanted to do my own lists on each of the 5 decades of animation as well (I only classify the 70's and onward for rankings. The 60's and prior it gets too difficult.) Although I want to do EACH of the decades in video form. 10 videos total. A top 10 worst and a top 10 best for each decade. I'll start at the 70's and do a top 10 worst of the 70's and then do a top 10 best of the 70's and then do a top 10 worst for the 80's and then a top 10 best for the 80's then the top 10 worst for the 90's and so on and so forth. But just for fun, I thought I would make my OWN list for the top 10 worst of the 90's. Keep in mind this is all my OPINION and I haven't seen EVERY cartoon of the 90's plus I'm doing this off the top of my head. Alright enough explanation, let's begin:
10. Hammerman
This is only number 10 because this was honestly funny to watch! XD But it's still a shitty cartoon. >:[ Like Alice in Wonderland 2010, Newborn Cooties or Legends of Chamberlain Heights, it has VERY cheap animation! Like, I actually THOUGHT at first when I first watched the cartoon, my computer had an issue. But no, it actually IS "animated" like that! Actually this feels more like an "Animatic" to the actual animation. I kid you not when I say that 12 Oz. Mouse looks more animated than this. At least that looks like it's finished. This feels unfinished.
The plots? It's your typical 90's cartoon celebrity cash in. The first episode involves a magical painter that because rocks, he can make graffiti art come to life. The show is about Hammerman being able to wear magical shoes that do whatever the plot demands him to. The daughter explained in the intro KNOWS who Hammerman is, but in the show she doesn't know who he is. Why Hammerman takes his shoes off I'll never know. He should just keep them on all the time because they make do whatever the fuck he wants. And seriously, the ANIMATION! Ever wanted to see a Television cartoon use one frame of animation per second? Well, this is the show for you. (For reference, a typical cartoon uses 30 frames per second in animation.)
9. Kid N' Play
At least I could HEAR what was going on in Hammerman. I CAN'T HEAR A FUCKING THING HERE! :rage: Am I deaf? Have I gone deaf!? Is the AUDIO broken!? What is the story for each episode? I don't know because I CAN'T HEAR THE DIALOGUE OVER THE GOD DAMN BACKGROUND MUSIC! This is the WORST sounds that I have EVER heard on a television cartoon! Why is this high? Well because it's not doing anything TRULY bad! Other than hurting my ears. From what I could gather, the "Story" was somewhat decent. Although one episode involves celebrity kids not being able to afford their car to get out of being impounded. Despite them being rich. MY EARS! THEY HURT! One kid I THINK says:
Kid: I already bought up my allowance to the year 2050.
Me: You tell me if it makes sense or what I said is right at all. I don't think it makes sense. And I could only GUESS what he said! Let's just move on before I go deaf from making this list.
8. New Kids on the Block
One thing that I found particularly annoying about 90's cartoons were the celebrity based ones. And I just realized that 3 cartoons in a row are celebrity based.
We have a weird intro sequence in the pilot involving a kid imagining he's at a "School Prison." I'm not kidding. There are search lights that are made up of giant pencils. They have a video game that BLATANTLY rips off Super Mario Bros sound effects! The show also seems to use 90's slang. Basically make Da Boom Crew in the 90's and have the kids go to school. This show also has a massive Ego. You know how Teen Titans Go! likes to boast about their show? Well this show also does that, in the pilot ALONE! Don't know if it's worse than TTG though, it would take more watches to figure out so who knows. This cartoon is more of a documentary than a cartoon, and even then I wouldn't be interested in the documentary. The cartoon itself makes live action transitions of the actual New Kids in real life. It gets very annoying very fast. And also there's this constant "boxing and unboxing" effect. Involving the screen to be full at one moment to being tiny the next with the background having some sort of drug effect. Honestly, I like Hammerman more than this. Hammerman was a "So bad it's good" kind of mentality. And even though the animation here is better, I think it tries less than Hammerman and is MORE of a cash in of that show! And even if it has better audio than Kid N' play, it still is also a bigger cash grab than that show. In fact I go as far in saying that this is the worst celebrity cash grab in existence. It's like "The Rainbow Dash" show actually exists. I like Hi, Hi Puffy Ami Yumi. And I like Class of 3000. But I don't like this.
7. Bad Dog
Maybe Where The Dead Go To Die was NOT original in terms of the dog! I say that because this is literally that movie in terms of the dog part over a decade prior. I'm not saying this show is anywhere near as BAD as that movie but still. :/
This show is basically half Mr. Pickles and half Stressed Eric. It's not as bad as either of those cartoons, but the plot of the show is about a dog doing bad things to good people. Different people get tortured in each episode so thankfully it's not all one guy like the Megward the wizards. In every episode, the tortured guy says "Bad Dog." Then the dog cries. Then the good guy gives in and says "Good Dog." The world expects the good guy that got massacred by the dog to say "Good Dog." Then the dog becomes happy. Every. Single. Episode. The dog's name is "Berkeley" by the way. Not even Ed, Edd N' Eddy is this formulaic. You'll find more variety in shows like The Loud House and Milo Murphy's Law. Winona form My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a better dog than Berkeley. Zoe Trent from Littlest Pet Shop has more of a personality as a dog than this stupid dog. And no Berkeley is not stupid like Odie from the comic strip Garfield. He's a smart dog so he KNOWS that he's doing bad things!  >:[
6. Shnookums and Meat 
Out of all the cartoons on this list, this is definitely the most dullest. It's a Ren and Stimpy gross out show with no gross out whatsoever. That's mostly because this is a Disney cartoon. Every episode was too dull or too boring or both. And they weren't even gross in the slightest. I'm not DEMANDING gross out! But if you make a gross out cartoon, then you NEED to have gross out! But I rather a cartoon be non gross than a cartoon with TOO much gross out! (That's a later candidate.) Shnookums sounds exactly like Skull Boy from Ruby Gloom by the way.
5. The Wacky world of Tex Avery
How do you homage a dead person? Do you try to be as best and closest to their art style and stories? No that would be the SMART thing to do! No you just make an annoying stereotype of said product. The intro literally has armpit farting in it. The plots? They're stupid. The first episode has this woman say "Really I have, I have" 3 times in that annoying speech while a Western man named Tex (Hurr de durr he's named after the dead guy we're profiting off of. That's not cool guys.) and another cowboy try to each be a rodeo clown. Also one part the bad guy removes a belt from bull, but the belt comes right back on in the next scene for no apparent reason. Also they have a very racist depiction of Asian people, in the 1990's for kids. The second episode is literally just Boating Buddies or Summer Job from SpongeBob except with a hospital treatment. While it may have more reason to torture the guy, I think it's worse than both said episodes. The Pompeii guy exists because rocks. The third episode is another torture porn episode. Think SpongeBob episode "Ugh" but remove the charm and have Squidward get beaten up for no reason and lose and have 10 SpongeBob cavemen. It just may be me, but I'm willing to bet that the writers of this show probably don't know that Tex's actual name is Fred.
4. Angela Anaconda
This is one of the UGLIEST shows that I have ever seen! The main character Angela is a sociopath. Nanette is another Megward the wizard. Not the worst of the 90's but we're getting there. The plots are either stupid, cliché or both.
3. The Brothers Grunt
Hey did you ever want to see what Danny Antonucci made BEFORE he made Ed, Edd N Eddy, a Viacom cartoon that replaced Beavis and Butthead and has a shit ton of gross out with some of the worst character designs ever? No? Too bad because it exists. There are scenes that have lip movement be optional. There's just so much gross out here. Apparently this cartoon is supposed to parody music videos. Remember when MTV had good music videos and not crappy reality shows? That's what they're parodying. If anything amazes me, it's the fact that this cartoon is not BAD enough to be in my top 10 worst cartoons of all time! The only reason it's not any lower because the episodes are only 7 minutes long. What would this show be like if it was 11 minutes long? Well...
2. Mega Babies
If anything I think some people might find it surprising that I don't put this at number 1. It's not like I'm DEFENDING this show in any shape or form! The worst episode is in my top 15 worst animations of all time. But this show, Mega Babies is one of the worst cartoons that I have ever seen. It's top 10 bad. I'm not even kidding here. Technically this show has more episodes aired in 2000 than 1999. But FUCK IT! I'm counting it as a 90's show. You may recall that I have talked about Mega Babies before: Mega Babies: The Flight of the killer zombees by StarlightGGiantess5 Mega Babies EP 23 The Flight of the Killer ZombeesMega Babies-EP 23-The flight of the Killer Zombies Review
You know what? It’s October. The month of Halloween. I am trying my best still to avoid the My Little Pony season 6 finale. I have been occupying myself with writing and finding other shows. And with it Halloween, I thought I would find some more horror stuff for this time of year. So the best to distract myself from my favorite cartoon is to take a look at one of the worst cartoons ever made! (This is the best way to distract myself right?) UGH! Why do I do this to myself? But seriously, what am I watching here? This is a cartoon called Mega Babies. It’s from 1999. And yes, this is known as one of the worst cartoons ever made. I’ve seen a lot of bad cartoons. Adult Party Cartoon. King Star King. Mr. Pickles. Legends of Chamberlain Heights. The Nut shack. The Problem Solvers. Da Boom Crew. Pixel Pinkie. The Cramp Twins. Paddy the Pelican. But among those, could this one be the worst? Everyone has a different op
 If My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic is the BEST kids cartoon ever, then this here is the WORST kids cartoon ever! Like Bad Dog, it's basically half and half of 2 other shows. Here, it's half Ren and Stimpy and the other half is Rugrats. I :love: Ren and Stimpy and Rugrats. I know some other people may not like these shows but you have to at least admit they did their own thing. Each decade of animation, there seems to be one cartoon that EVERYONE wants to rip off! Whether it'd be Scooby Doo of the 70's, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic of the 2010's, SpongeBob of the 2000's or in this case Ren and Stimpy of the 1990's, they all have major thieves. Shnookums and Meat is a Ren and Stimpy rip off if you didn't have any gross out whatsoever. Here is a Ren and Stimpy rip off if you have TOO MUCH GROSS OUT! X_X When I do my ACUTAL video on the top 10 worst cartoons of the 90's, I know some cartoons will get different places, but this one and my number one will DEFINITELY stay here! 10-3 may change but not these 2. Okay, from what I could STAND, the show is about 3 babies but because ;JAERHJRAEIJTSAE;IJTIJ;AE4T they are given super powers and so is their nanny. One episode is literally titled "It's my party and I'll puke if I want to." This is the LITERAL proof that I need in the statement "You can show ANYTHING you want in kids cartoons in the 90's as long as it ain't a gay couple." Yeah we can't show Clyde's 2 dads from The Loud House here but we CAN show a baby puke a river and have bumblebees look like zombies! Also Ed, Edd N' Eddy kind of got away with some gay jokes in the 90's, just saying.
1. Stressed Eric
When I first started watching 90's cartoons, I knew what would be number 1 IMMEDIATELY! IT was SO bad to my eyes in such gross out that I gave up after watching 5 minutes of it. And then watched this show "Stressed Eric" which proved to be even WORSE! You may remember that I have talked about Stressed Eric before:

Top 16 Favorite Animations of 2016Top 16 Best Animations of 2016
And now for the best. I put more on this list because we had ALOT more good animations that bad ones this year. Heck, I don't think I could ONLY do a top 10 like I did for the worst. There's just THAT MUCH GOOD! Once again, one per franchise. Movies allowed. But I won't put "Kubo and the 2 strings" on this because I have not seen that movie. From what I heard, I'm PRETTY sure that it DESERVES to be on this list! But I'm not since I didn't see it. Once again like for the worst, I didn't go out of my way to see EVERY animation of this year! I haven't seen Regular Show, Adventure Time, Gumball, Harvey Beaks and SO MANY MORE shows this year! There were SO MANY cuts that I had to make for this list! But 16 is my limit. I'm also leaving off Zootopia. It would be number 9 or number 8, but I'm leaving it off because I want to say stuff for OTHER things! Zootopia gives me nothing new to say that you haven't heard before. I could probably do a top 50 for the
Top 10 Worst MegWard the WizardsTop 10 worst Meg ward the Wizards
Ever wonder which characters in animation have been tortured the most? Well, here’s my opinion on which characters from cartoon TV shows have been abused the most. Some rules: The character must be in 10 episodes or more, to prevent one timers like the armadillo from Bubsy or the frog from Ren Seeks Help. And one character per show. And no movies. Alright, let’s point them out.
10. Spike: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Never thought I use THIS show for a list like this. Yeah Spike to me does get abused a lot in this show. Oblivious was treated better than him at one point. He is also weak compared to other dragons for some reason. And EVERY other dragon in the show can fly but not him. Now there are other characters in MLP that can go here. Sunset Shimmer in EQG because every movie “let’s point out that she lost a long time ago and was once bad over and over again!” And Starlight Glimmer for her not appearing i
Animated Assholes: Maria by StarlightGGiantess5 First Impressions: Pony (Stressed Eric)I HATE THIS! I HATE THIS! I HATE THIS!
This miles well be one of the most aggravating, depressing and painful animations that I have ever seen!
Stressed Eric: A show where one guy, one specific guy has the universe hate for no good reason. He gets pummeled, beaten up and every physical attribution to pain that you can imagine. It is in the top 5 worst cartoons of all time! 
I picked the episode "Pony" because "Pony."
So in this episode, Eric needs to pay the window man 35 pounds, but he doesn't have money. So he steals money from his daughter's piggy bank. But he then realized that it was wrong to do that. While fixing the crime, he accidentally breaks the piggy bank. So then he tries to come up with an excuse.
Eric: Let's see, the chair fell over against the shelf. And the big book of fairy tales fell onto "My Little Pony."
Me: Yes, they deliberately say "My Little Pony." I'm surprised they got away with that because not even Family Guy has the rights to say My Little Pony. (Acco

I know that like I said with Mega Babies that a lot of people hated Rugrats. That's fine, opinions are opinions. But let me put it clear here: Everything that I heard about Rugrats being bad from the story, charm and characters in the complaints I see it displayed here. In fact this is what I think of when people DO hate the Rugrats. The show is about a guy named Eric Feeble whose life is literal hell. In the first episode Nativity, he deals with a bunch of shit and then he loses in the end, with his kid not saying the one line he needed to say. Besides the pilot, that is pretty the premise of EVERY episode! Stressed Eric needs to be stressed and have himself strangled because the universe legitimately hates him. And let me just say it right now, I HATE EVERY FUCKING SECOND OF THIS SHOW AND EVERY SECOND IS A PAIN TO MY SENSES! It's not AS gross as Mega Babies, but that makes sense because this ain't a Ren and Stimpy rip off. Despite it being made by Klasky Csupo, I don't think it's a Rugrats rip off either. (They made Rugrats.) And this is without a doubt their worst thing ever. Baby Blues? All Grown up? Angelica's Preschool Dayze? Nope, those are all BETTER shows than Stressed Eric! (Although technically Baby Blues is right in between Mega Babies and Stressed Eric as my 6th worst cartoon ever but whatever.) This show besides Eric 100% losing all the time, he frequently has to deal with his divorced wife that constantly makes Eric's life worse. I know the cartoon "The Critic" also did this, but that was played down less and was at times funny. It's not here. Maria is the worst animated CHARACTER of the 90's. She's half Brenda Quagmire and half Patrick Star. Not a good combination to say the least, and despite her being a maid that Eric hired, she makes his life worse. She never gets fired for no reason. And if it wasn't for "Kid N' Play," then THIS would have the worst television audio EVER! And like I have said before, this show has the worst rendition of My Little Pony you'll ever see. Not Teen Titans Go!, not Newborn Cooties, not whatever. THIS SHOW.
Where would I put Stressed Eric in comparison to every other shitty cartoon? Stressed Eric is currently number 5. Behind Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, King Star King, Legends of Chamberlain Heights and Mr. Pickles.
I'm done here. Got to get ready for a snow storm tomorrow. It's Monday the 13th people, Garfield's least favorite day: Starlight and Garfield by StarlightGGiantess5 Time to watch some more Ed, Edd N' Eddy. A better 90's cartoon.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, FUCKING OUT! :rage:
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